• Grand Ronde tribe reclaims Willamette Falls, as work begins to tear down Oregon City mill

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    We’re watching history being made as the Grand Ronde tribe reclaims Wilamette Falls! Read on!

    Original article by Jamie Hale of the Oregonian

    After a private blessing and a prayer, the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde invited gathered media to watch as an excavator tore into a wall of the old, abandoned paper mill that the tribe says has stood on its ancestral grounds for too long.

    The tribe held a symbolic demolition event at the old Blue Heron Paper Mill at Willamette Falls on Tuesday, representing a small step toward removing the industrial site and returning it to Indigenous hands.

    Chris Mercier, vice chair of the Grand Ronde Tribal…

  • Fish habitat restoration on the Metolius to start Thursday

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    Loving our wild habitats means restoring them back to their most native state. Read on to discover what the Deschutes National Forest is doing to improve and restore the Metolius and its spawning grounds for fish!

    Original article by Michael Kohn at the Bulletin

    A fish habitat restoration project will start Thursday on the Metolius River with work expected to last through Saturday, according to a release from the Deschutes National Forest.

    The restoration includes placing logs and downed trees into strategic locations of the Metolius near Camp Sherman for fish to use as cover and spawning areas.

    The habitat restoration work is part of an ongoing project that started in 2008 to improve fish habitat. Around 1,000 trees have…

  • CEO on why giving all employees minimum salary of $70,000 still "works" six years later: "Our turnover rate was cut in half"

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    Don’t you wish everyone would run their company like this? Read on!

    Original article by CBS News

    It was six years ago when CEO Dan Price raised the salary of everyone at his Seattle-based credit card processing company Gravity Payments to at least $70,000 a year.

    Price slashed his own salary by $1 million to be able to give his employees a pay raise. He was hailed a hero by some and met with predictions of bankruptcy from his critics.

    But that has not happened; instead, the company is thriving.

    “So you’ve almost doubled the number of employees?” CBS News’ Carter Evans asked.

    “Yeah,” Price replied.

    He said his company has tripled and he is still paying his…

  • Returning 600,000 Acres to Nature, One Piece at a Time

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    A beautiful article by Peter Yeung. Enjoy this read!

    As homeowners, churches and even railway operators “rewild” their land, biodiversity is flocking back to England’s East Anglia region.

    “This is about everyone,” says Hugh Somerleyton, still breathing heavily after tending to a band of horses on his farm in East Anglia, England’s far easterly region. “Rewilding should be a populist movement. It’s important that ordinary citizens feel like they are making real, tangible change.”

    The 49-year-old conservationist, along with friends and fellow farmers Argus Hardy and Olly Birkbeck, are spearheading an ambitious effort to change the nature of rewilding. Built on the concept that natural areas will thrive if humans simply step back and let them heal, rewilding has caught…

  • French Beekeeper Invents a Trap to Take on Asian Hornets Decimating Bee Populations in Europe

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    Original article by Good News Network.

    A beekeeper was so devastated five years ago when all his bee hives were destroyed by Asian hornets, he vowed to figure out a solution to fight back.

    French beekeeper Denis Jaffré thought about it night and day, and finally came up with a trap that stops the invasive species, which has no natural predators in Europe where they have been terrorizing hives since arriving accidentally in a cargo shipment from Southeast Asia.

    The trap Jaffré invented does no harm to bees.

    It attracts insects with a sugary bait using a funnel, but the larger hornets can’t get out. Bees can easily escape through tiny holes.

    Reuters reports that the beekeeper…

  • 4 Tuna Species Recovered After Decade of Fishing Quotas–With Albacore in Stores Being Truly Sustainable

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    Things are looking up for four species of albacore! Read on.

    Original article by Good News Network

    Four commercially-fished tuna species are on a significant path to recovery thanks to the enforcement of regional fishing regulations over the last ten years, according to yesterday’s update of the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

    “Today’s IUCN Red List update is a powerful sign that, despite increasing pressures on our oceans, species can recover if states truly commit to sustainable practices,” said Dr Bruno Oberle, IUCN Director General.

    States and others are now gathered at the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Marseille, France, to work towards binding targets that will increase and maintain biodiversity across the planet.

    “The newly released results on…

  • Oregon will allow for human composting as a final resting option

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    Check out this great article about Oregon’s newest final resting option – human composting! Cool!

    Original article by Destiny Johnson (KGW) and Katherine Cook, KGW8

    PORTLAND, Ore. — Oregon Gov. Kate Brown signed an amendment to House Bill 2574 to allow for the “natural organic reduction” of bodies into soil.

    It follows the move Washington made in 2019 when it became the first state to legalize human composting.

    The process can be lengthy and in both Washington and Oregon, a site has to be licensed in order to house bodies that go through the decomposition process to become compost soil. The Herland Forest Natural Burial Cemetery in Klickitat County, Washington, houses the remains of more than…

  • Good News! 7 Positive Environmental News Stories from August 2021 that Will Make You Smile

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    Here is a nice compilation of Positive News from One Tree Planted that is sure to put a smile on your face. Enjoy!

    Wow! Can you believe we’re already closing out the summer? Any day now we will be pulling out the comfy-cozy sweaters, heading out to go leaf peeping, and we know some of you have already started indulging in your pumpkin spice lattes! Environmental wise, this has been one of the most eye opening summers when it comes to climate change. The NOAA declared July 2021 as Earth’s hottest month on record and of course we are all aware of the wildfires surging across the west coast and other areas of the world. But this is not the…

  • How the Largest Direct Air Capture Plant Will Suck CO2 Out of the Atmosphere

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    This makes so much sense, right? Surely we can figure out problems like the over saturation of the climate with carbon emissions with the will and human ingenuity. Have a ‘Positive’ day out there #backyardbend.

    From The Verge by Justine Calma

    The biggest industrial plant yet to suck tons of planet-heating carbon dioxide out of the air came online yesterday in southwest Iceland. Direct air capture plants like this one have been hyped up lately by world leaders and giant corporations — notably Microsoft — that are looking to erase their legacy of greenhouse gas pollution.

    This particular operation is ideally located to test the emerging technology. The new plant, built by Swiss company Climeworks, is powered by renewable energy from…

  • Okay, This is Just Darn Fun to Watch. 11-year-old Girl Drummer, Nandi Bushell, Finally Joins Foo Fighters on Stage

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    This just makes you feel good when watching it and that dreams do come true. Have a great Labor Day #backyardbend.

    From The Good News Network

    “It Happened!!!,” Nandi Bushell wrote on the YouTube video shot by her dad which tallied 1.1 million views this week.

    In her grunge flannel shirt, the 11-year-old drummer took the stage at the Los Angeles Forum to finally meet her rock star idol in person—and play alongside Dave Grohl and his world-renown Foo Fighters.

    Nandi accepted the invitation and traveled with her parents from Ipswich, England, where she’s been playing since she was five-years-old.

    It was a bright spot during the pandemic in August 2020 when she made a video challenging Grohl to an…

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