• Terminal Cancer Survivor Spends Days Smiling and Waving at Drivers

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    Want to be inspired by someone who chose to spread positivity and smiles in spite of his medical situation. Watch the video.

    From KVOA-TV Tucson

    Chris Lamb of Tucson, Arizona may be partially blind and paralyzed, but the survivor of terminal brain cancer has defied the odds for nearly a decade, and vowed to prompt as many smiles as he can in the time he has on Earth.

    Rain or shine, Lamb can be seen wearing one of 150 inspirational messages on a sign around his neck as he waves to passengers driving down Valencia Road.

    He’s been doing so for the past five years, and has made many friends along the way; some even pull over to check in on how he’s doing.

    “The people…

  • Here Are The Best Trader Joe's Snacks According To Nutritionists

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    From Buzzfeed by Marie Telling

    There are many reasons to love Trader Joe’s and their extensive snack selection is one of them.

    Snacks are a great way to stay energized and satisfied between meals. If you’re trying to eat in a balanced way, picking the right snacks can be key. That’s why we reached out to several nutritionists and dietitians to ask for their favorite healthy snacks from Trader Joe’s. READ THE ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE. 

    1. Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels

    “When snacking, I always want a combination of macronutrients so I don’t find myself hungry again five minutes later. So rather than just carbohydrates, I look for snacks that also have protein…

  • Dog Tossed from I-5 overpass Recovering, Community Helping with Vet Bills

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    A nice heartwarming story for your weekend. Following the link to watch the video.

    PORTLAND, Ore. (KATU) — Community members are helping raise money for Hank, a dog who was seriously injured a few weeks ago when someone threw him off of an Interstate 5 overpass in Portland. READ THE ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE AND WATCH THE VIDEO. 

    A few weeks ago, April Eells’ mother was driving near I-5 at Marine Drive when she saw something fall from the overpass.

    She pulled over and found Hank seriously hurt.

    April works at a veterinary clinic, and was able to get him the help and surgeries he needed. However, the fight isn’t over yet and…

  • This Inspiring Couple Made It Their New Year’s Resolution to Go On 52 Dates – and They Are About to Succeed

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    This is a story from the archives, but an inspiration for keeping the spark alive. Have a great weekend and maybe go on a date!

    From the Archives of the Good News Network.

    This married couple is about to complete their New Year’s resolution – and they are going to do it simply by having dinner together at a restaurant.

    That’s because Justin and Sarah Breen’s resolution was to go out to dinner with each other once a week without their two kids.

    Sarah was a 22-year-old medical student when she started dating Justin, a 27-year-old assistant sports editor, in 2004. With his long hours and her rigorous coursework, their “date nights” mostly consisted of studying on the couch with…

  • Dick Van Dyke Celebrates 90th Birthday With Flash Mob of Chimney Sweeps (WATCH)

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    This fun video reminds us to find the kid in us and be playful no matter what our age. And, to “Go Fly A Kite”.

    Fans dressed as Cockney chimney sweeps helped Dick Van Dyke celebrate his birthday yesterday with a surprise flash mob at The Grove in Los Angeles, California.

    The event was organized to mark his 90th birthday by his wife of 3 years, Arlene Silver-Van Dyke, who he met at the SAG award ceremony in 2006.

    The choreographed dancers stepped in time to a medley of memorable songs from the 1964 Disney film Mary Poppins– Jolly Holiday, Chim Chim Cher-ee, Step In Time, and Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

    In a grand finale, Van Dyke himself came down from the balcony…

  • Want to Stop Eating Junk Food? New Research Says You Should Get More Sleep

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    From The Good News Network Written By Mark Waghorn

    If you can’t figure out why you’re so desperately craving junk food late at night, this new research says that it might be because you’re not getting enough sleep.

    Based on studies from Cologne University in Germany, tiredness boosts both production of brain cells and hunger hormones that are linked to comfort eating and hunger respectively.

    Additionally, researchers say that participants who went an entire night with no sleep were willing to fork out more cash for snacks like chocolates and biscuits compared to non-food items. On the other hand, they would not spend the same excessive amounts of money after getting a proper night’s rest.

    It explains why we are…

  • Moviegoers, Rejoice! Bend’s Regal Cinemas reopens

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    BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) — Moviegoers in Bend finally have something to be excited for. The big-screen cinematic experience is officially back at Bend’s Regal Cinemas in the Old Mill, which reopened Friday for the first time in many months. READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE. 

    You may have forgotten what its like to go to the movies, but the Regal team is open for business, and they say they’re hoping to refresh everyone’s memory in this “new normal.”

    “I’m just really excited to be here,” said moviegoer Faith Lyons. She and her mother, Alix, were one of the first customers to make their way into the lobby, awaiting their first theatrical experience in months.

    Faith and her mother were avid…

  • Bill Gates-Backed Solar Company Reveals Tech That Could Spell the End of Fossil Fuels

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    There are so many new technologies emerging in the energy field. Humans finding sustainable solutions for the future is a very positive thing.

    From The Good News Network

    A secret clean energy startup backed by Bill Gates has just gone public with the announcement of its new technology that uses concentrated solar energy to exceed temperatures greater than 1,000 degrees Celsius (1,800 degrees Fahrenheit)—and it could be a game-changer in the fight against the climate crisis.

    For perspective, that kind of heat is about one-quarter of the temperatures found on the surface of the sun. At that temperature, the energy company—Heliogen—can replace the use of fossil fuels in critical industrial processes, including the production of cement, steel, and petrochemicals, dramatically…

  • Student Athletes From Oak Forest Bring Surprise To 6-Year-Old Harvey Boy

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    From Syndicated Local – CBS Chicago

    This Be Kind To Humankind Week, and some students certainly exhibited some kindness on Sunday.

    The students are athletes at Oak Forest High School, and COVID-19 has sidelined their sports for the fall. But they turned their own disappointment into something special for a lucky 6-year-old boy.

    The boy’s name is Wilmer, and he is from Harvey. His birthday was just last week, but the recent storms knocked out electricity and there wasn’t much celebrating going on at his house.

    That is where members of the Oak Forest Bengals come in.

    They surprised Wilmer with a brand new bicycle and a $100 check he can donate to the charity of his choice.

    The Bengals…

  • The Healing Power of Your Smile

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    From the Good News Network

    “People want to know if smiling can help them overcome hardship in these tough economic times,” says Elan Sun Star, author of the new book, Smile! The Powerful Science of Smiling. READ THE ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE.

    A smile, says this world-famous photographer, carries the ability to transform one’s own health, ignite a smile in others, and ultimately transform the world for good. With anecdotes, science and a sprinkling of history, Smile! unfolds the story of decades of research of the potential effect of this one simple facial gesture.

    Four years of research for the book led him through scientific, psychological, and spiritual realms to synthesize an engaging portrait of the simple, yet powerful, impact…

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