• Bogota Cyclists Are Getting Much More Than Just Bike Lanes

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    Could Bend develop a cycling ecosystem like this example from Bogota?

    From Reasons To Be Cheerful. READ THE ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE.

    From bicycle parking spaces to a citywide registry for stolen bikes, the Colombian capital is creating a full-fledged cycling ecosystem.

    After a young man who had been at a party tested positive for Covid-19, the residents of his housing project leapt into action to improvise a highly effective response.

    The complex, in the Sunnydale section of San Francisco, is a tight-knit community, which helped its residents to cobble together a contact tracing effort all their own. Upon learning of the diagnosis, they immediately started making calls to figure out “who hung with who and who we could call…

  • How the University of Arizona Used No. 2 to Solve Its No. 1 problem: The Coronavirus

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    From NBC News By Denise Chow

    The University of Arizona made a bold claim this week: It stopped a coronavirus outbreak before it started.

    Universities around the U.S. have struggled with outbreaks as they attempt to start the fall semester. But at the Likins Hall dorm, just across the street from the University of

    Arizona’s recreation center, two students were found to have contracted the coronavirus — and they were asymptomatic.
    The university said it pulled this off by combining more common forms of coronavirus mitigation, swab testing and contact tracing, with a more exotic one: analyzing sewage.

    The university had implemented a campus-wide initiative to conduct what’s known as wastewater-based epidemiology. This effort, which involves analyzing sewage samples…

  • Customers Keep Buying Up All of Donut Shop’s Pastries So He Can Go Home Early to Be With Ailing Wife

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    From The Good News Network By McKinley Corbley

    The only thing sweeter than the donuts at Donut City is the community’s love for the restaurant owners.

    Almost every day for the last 28 years, John and Stella Chhan have opened up their donut shop in Seal Beach, California at 4:30AM. They’re always greeting customers with a smile, and they barely ever take a day off.

    So when Stella stopped showing up behind the counter, the customers asked John about her absence – and they were shocked by his response.

    Since Stella suffered a brain aneurysm last month, she has been recovering at a nursing care facility. Though she has slowly regained some of her strength, she was in bad shape…

  • Oregon State Parks Imposes New Fee On Out-Of-State Campers to Discourage Travel, Raise Funds

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    From The Statesman Journal By Zach Urness

    Camping at one of Oregon’s state parks will cost a little extra if you’re visiting from outside the state beginning on August 10.

    The Oregon Parks and Recreation Department announced a 30 percent surcharge on nonresidents that make new camping reservations or arrive at a state park campground beginning Aug. 10.

    The surcharge is aimed at encouraging local recreation and providing funding to operate Oregon’s state parks system, which was hit hard by COVID-19 shutdowns and losses from the Oregon Lottery.

    “We love serving all people, no matter where they live,” said Lisa Sumption, Oregon Parks and Recreation Department director. “Even so, this temporary change is needed to remind people to stay…

  • How a 'Hillbilly Brigade' Saved an Oregon Town from Raging Wildfires

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    There has been terrible devastation from the wildfires in Oregon, Washington and California. As the air clears of smoke for the first time in a while, this truly inspiring story of Oregonians coming together emerges and is something we can grab onto and know things will get better. Enjoy this weekend read – it should lift your spirit.  READ THE ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE AND WATCH THE VIDEO.  

    MOLALLA, Ore. (Reuters) – Nicole West steered her bulldozer through the smoldering forest, pushing logs into the underbrush and away from the wildfires ripping through Oregon’s Cascade Mountains. Her border collie, Oink, rode shotgun as West and a volunteer crew raced to clear a fire line.

    Behind West, on the…

  • IMPD Officer Pays it Forward After Witnessing Store Clerk's Act of Kindness

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    IMPD K9 Handler Officer Molly Groce called on others to help her with a huge act of kindness for a retail worker. She spotted that worker being kind to someone else. That’s when Groce decided to thank him as part of a “pay it forward” challenge. READ THE ORIGINAL ARTICLE AND SEE THE VIDEO HERE.

    She found her target for the gift while doing her grocery shopping one day. After loading her groceries, Groce decided to return to the store to try to learn the name of the store employee that left her impressed by his actions.

    “I actually already bought all of my groceries, but I am going back into the store to find out that employee’s name,”…

  • 8 Under-Appreciated Autumn Veggies and Fruits You Should Be Eating

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    From the Good News Network By Monica Klausner

    Autumn is my favorite time of year, not just because the weather is beautiful, but also because fall brings some of the most delicious and nutritious fruits and veggies into bloom.

    The interesting thing is that some of the most nutrient dense produce is also some of the most overlooked. Use these under-appreciated fruits and vegetables to spice up your mealtime, especially when it is so easy to include them.


    My husband introduced me to Persimmons 16 years ago when he took me to meet his parents, who grew a giant tree dripping with these orange fleshy fruits in their backyard (photo, top, by eliza adam). Packed with Vitamin A and fiber,…

  • Truly Inspiring People Do These 7 Things, Over And Over Again

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    Here’s a little inspiration for your Sunday.

    From Forbes By David Sturt and Todd Nordstrom

    Throughout the course of your life and career, we’ll all have the opportunity to meet a lot of people. They’ll come from different backgrounds. They’ll have different perspectives and experiences. Some you’ll like. Some you’ll forget. Some you’ll try to forget. And, yet, others will remain locked in your memory forever—because they made you feel a certain way, said something profound, did something so special that it somehow touched your soul, fed your imagination, and inspired you to take action.

    And, here’s the rub: we’ve found that the people who will inspire you the most are often an absolute surprise. In fact, some of the…

  • I Am One of Our Stories By David Byrne

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    If we can hold up a mirror to ourselves and change, that’s a reason to be cheerful.

    From Reasons To Be Cheerful By: David Byrne READ THE ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE.

    A little over a week ago, I posted a statement to social media regarding a video skit I’d done over 30 years ago. In this skit I appear as a number of characters, and one of them is in blackface. You can view the video skit here. You can read my statement here.

    I encourage a dialogue and a discussion about my past mistakes. I think examining our personal and collective histories is a worthwhile thing to do. If that’s going to…

  • Old Bend Neighborhood Parking May Soon Be Limited to Residents and Guests

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    From KTVZ By Blake Allen

    BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) — For some time, many residents in the Old Bend neighborhood south of downtown have reported issues with crowding and being unable to park by their homes. But that could change soon. READ THE ORIGINAL ARTICLE AND WATCH THE VIDEO HERE. 

    The city is proposing action that could mean closing parking in the area to the public, and only allowing residents, their guests and those staying in rental properties to park in the area.

    The new system would mean resident would be eligible to purchase a $30-a-year parking pass, as well as a visitor parking pass. Construction crews and those renting houses in the area could buy the passes as well.