The 2022/23 winter season has finally arrived! Soon, snow enthusiasts of all kinds will be heading up Century Drive to get their turns in. For those of us familiar with that drive, we know the road can get pretty sketchy from time to time, but not half as sketchy as some of the drivers we’ve seen! This made us curious about just how much time these lead footed snow warriors are saving? We asked Paramedic, Fireman and Bend local Alex McClaran that question. His answers might surprise you. The moral of the story? 4 minutes isn’t worth it. Not for you, and definitely not for those who might be impacted by your “race to the base”. So this winter season, keep Alex’s math and advice in mind. Stay safe and we’ll all get ours!

Our thanks to local partners Mother’s Juice Cafe, Rise Brewing Company, and Powder House Ski & Snowboard for making this video possible.