Trying to Reason with Wildfire Season - Caring for our Pet and Animal Friends

Summer is here. We’ve all been looking forward to this! For many of us it is Central Oregon at its best, but summer in the west also means fire season. Here in Central Oregon we’ve seen our share of wild fire. And since heavy smoke knows no borders, we experience and are reminded of, wild fires in other communities and challenges they bring. Every summer it seems our hearts go out to those affected by wild fire including our animal friends & family members. For animals, the danger and destruction from wild fire is no less than for humans. In times of fire and catastrophe they need our help. When they do, have you ever wondered who comes to the rescue? Have you ever thought about volunteering to help save and care for pets and wildlife when crisis and catastrophe strike? If you have, then this video is for you. Join us as we check in with some of the wonderful people and organizations who evacuate and care for pets and animals during wildfire and other calamities.

Our thanks to our local partners Mother’s Juice Cafe, Diversified Heating and Cooling, and Tumalo Creek Kayak & Canoe for making this video possible.