UB40 Plays Bend on July 23rd!

They’re the most successful Reggae group of all time! Be part of the history that is UB40 and their only Oregon show. July 23rd, live & outdoors, at Oregon Spirit Distillers in downtown Bend. Initially, UB40 thought of themselves as an instrumental “jazz-dub-reggae” band. The group nailed their colours to the mast by naming themselves after an unemployment benefit form called the UB40. Their political convictions weren’t gleaned second hand either, but were cemented in place marching against the National Front, and attending rallies organized by Rock Against Racism in the UK. This group of young, multi-ethnic friends from Birmingham transcended their working-class origins to become the world’s most successful reggae band in history; selling over 100 million records with more than 51 chart successes – a distinction playing reggae that is nothing short of miraculous. See this legendary band for a once in a life time experience and the party event of the summer. Tickets available right here at BackyardBend UB40 Red Red Wine Tour

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