• Late, lingering snow at 20-plus C.O. campgrounds means holiday campers must look elsewhere

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    Late-season snow pack will cause delays in some campgrounds opening. Learn more here.

    BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) — The late season-snowfall has made for weeks of delays in opening several Central Oregon campgrounds for Central Oregonians and visitors, as the Deschutes National Forest is unable to open the campsites into mid-June.

    While some areas are starting to melt, it does not allow enough time for the inspections to take place, and make sure everything’s ready for the public. More than 20 of the 79 managed campgrounds in the Deschutes National Forest won’t be open for the holiday weekend, or two weeks after.

    Snow depths along popular routes such as the Cascade Lakes Highway vary from one to four feet,…

  • Crows are self-aware just like us, says new study

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    Check out this article by Robby Berman and the Big Think about how crows and the rest of the corvid family are more human-like than once thought! Have a happy Monday!

    Crows and the rest of the corvid family keep turning out to be smarter and smarter. New research observes them thinking about what they’ve just seen and associating it with an appropriate response. A corvid’s pallium is packed with more neurons than a great ape’s.

    It’s no surprise that corvids — the “crow family” of birds that also includes ravens, jays, magpies, and nutcrackers — are smart. They use tools, recognize faces, leave gifts for people they like, and there’s…