• This Amazing Woman Is Doing One Random Act of Kindness Every Week—for 45 Weeks

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    From MSN Good News By Maggie Seaver

    Shannon Schultz is a real estate agent, mother of three, homeschooling parent, and active community member in her town of Cedarburg, Wisconsin. Yet somehow, every week for 45 straight weeks, rain or shine, she finds time and energy to perform a random act of kindness for strangers or neighbors.

    Five years ago, shortly before her 40th birthday, Schultz took a step back to reflect on ways to commemorate this milestone birthday. “I recalled a friend who counted down to her 40th with some bucket list items,” Schultz says. “While I appreciated the countdown aspect of it, I realized I preferred to turn the focus away from myself and use it to do some…

  • Stressed? This Study Says You Simply Need a 20-Minute ‘Nature Pill’

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    Starting off another week in Backyard Bend with several ‘Positive News’ stories for you. Most of us in Backyard Bend know this and practice getting out in nature to keep ourselves physically and mentally healthy. It’s cool to see the benefits being substantiated in a research study and almost silly that it can now be prescribed as a treatment. Enjoy your week and stay “Positive”.

    From The Good News Network

    If you are feeling particularly anxious today, this study from 2019 says that taking at least twenty minutes out of your day to stroll or sit in a place that makes you feel in contact with nature will significantly lower your stress hormone levels.

    “For the first time” ever, researchers…

  • 10 Beautiful Virtual Garden Tours You Can Enjoy at Home During Quarantine

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    It’s spring in Backyard Bend and we thought this article was a nice way to enjoy some of the world’s best Botanical Gardens. We included the top 5 here with links to take the tour. If you want to see the full top 10 list and links to tours of each connect HERE. We included this video tour from the U.S. Botanic Garden. It’s one of several you can see on their YouTube Channel. Enjoy!

    From Parade By LINDSAY LOWE

    These days, it’s not possible for many of us to get out and enjoy nature. Luckily, some of the world’s most beautiful botanic gardens are helping bring nature to us with virtual online tours of their gorgeous flowers, trees,…

  • Good News Network "Crazy Quarantine Edition" Top 10 Inspiring News Stories

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    The Good News Network launched a pilot episode of it’s new show, ‘Top Ten Inspiring News Stories’. It takes a humorous approach to bringing 10 Positive News stories to light. Give it a try. Click the image to watch the video.

  • Oil Giant Shell Has a New Plan for Cutting Carbon Footprint: Planting Millions of Trees

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    From CNBC By Tom DiChristopher

    Royal Dutch Shell plans to invest $300 million over three years in reforestation projects, including in the Netherlands and Spain. The initiative and others aim to offset the carbon emissions produced when customers consume the fossil fuels that Shell produces. Shell is also creating a program to allow drivers to support the company’s purchase of carbon credits from ecoprojects.

    The CEO of Royal Dutch Shell recently said the world needs to plant enough trees to essentially create another Amazon rainforest in order to combat climate change. On Monday, the Anglo-Dutch oil major announced plans to support a mass reforestation drive.

    Shell will spend $300 million over the next three years on initiatives like planting more…

  • Earth Day: Meet the Original Eco Warriors Protecting the Planet

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    From the BBC News By Elaine Jung

    Indigenous people account for less than 5% of the world’s population – but they support or protect 80% of the planet’s biodiversity. They are often the most vulnerable to climate change, but have developed systems built on thousands of years of land management, sustainability, and climate adaption.

    Dr Koko Warner from the United Nations climate change secretariat says their participation in fighting global warming is vital. “I am really hoping for a future scenario where by combining and blending and growing our value systems together, human beings will develop new practices that can be a positive force in nature,” she said.

    But where did this ancient knowledge come from and do these practices…

  • Great Things to Do at Home While Quarantined: Let’s Be Pandemic-Positive

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    Here are some tips for positive things you can do at home From the Good News Network. Read the ARTICLE HERE. 

    As more and more people bar themselves inside their homes amidst the COVID-19 shutdowns, it may be tempting to keep your eyes fixed on the TV or social media news feeds. You might try and keep yourself informed by reading every quarantine update that pops up on your phone—but worrying yourself can be like sitting in a rocking chair: it can give you something to do, but it doesn’t necessarily get you anywhere.

    That’s why we’re encouraging our readers to use this time as a gift. Take this rare opportunity and turn the isolation to your advantage; because…

  • Happy Earth Day with 7 Positive Environmental Stories

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    Here’s some ‘Positive Earth Day News’ on this 50th anniversary of Earth Day. We hope you have a great day and take some time today to appreciate this incredible blue planet we call Earth. Below is an article from One Tree Planted by Joseph Coppolino, with a collection of positive environmental stories. Remember there are good things happening every day.

    April was a busy month. With Earth Day and Arbor Day within a few days of each other, our focus has definitely been on what we can do to give back to the environment.

    So, in case you were too busy planting trees or doing something else to help our planet, here are some of the good environmental news stories…

  • UC Berkeley is Offering Up Their Popular ‘Science of Happiness’ Course for Free Online

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    Let’s get this week off to a good positive start. Here are some ‘Positive News’ stories to help. The first one is an interesting look at happiness. It’s what we are ultimately striving for, isn’t it. If you have a positive story to share reach out to us at info@backyardbend.com. 

    From The Good News Network By Andy Corbley

    What does it mean to be happy? Click on the image to WATCH THE VIDEO.

    While these 7 words have aroused philosophers for centuries—like so many things in life—there’s an ancient aspect to this question, but a modern scientific answer. Read the ARTICLE HERE. 

    And what science says in response to “what does it mean to be happy” is rooted in…

  • These Adorable Photos of Antarctica’s Emperor Penguins Will Warm Your Heart

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    From Afar By Sarah Buder

    An award-winning photographer’s new book gives a rare glimpse at how emperor penguin colonies manage to thrive on the southernmost continent on Earth.

    A trip to Antarctica will change your life.

    So says Sue Flood, an award-winning photographer who’s traveled to some of the world’s most remote corners to document wildlife and wilderness. Over the course of her career, Flood has taken approximately 50 trips to the Arctic and Antarctic. It’s not just icy landscapes that fuel her love for the planet’s polar regions—it’s a particular penguin species. SEE THE PHOTOS and READ the ARTICLE HERE.

    “One of the loveliest moments you can ever hope to experience is to stand in the…

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