• A Woman's Great Pyrenees Helped Track Down a Rare Black Coyote After They Became Backyard Buds

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    From CNN By Francisco Guzman and Brian Ries

    Every day for a week, the strange, happy visitor would drop to play with her Great Pyrenees. She thought Ruth Bader, the dog, had made a new dog companion. Nope, it was a coyote. And the animal was on the lam.

    Researchers with the Atlanta Coyote Project told Vanessa Prior, Ruth Bader’s human, that they had been trying to track down the rare, black coyote for over a month. It had been spotted around the Smyrna and Vinings, Georgia, areas playing with neighborhood dogs. Read the ARTICLE HERE and SEE A VIDEO.

    “It was very friendly,” co-founder of the Atlanta Coyote Project Christopher Mowry told CNN. “It was following people to…

  • Major Hotel Brands Are Donating Millions of Rooms to Coronavirus Workers

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    From Conde Nast Traveler By  Erin Florio

    Millions of hotel rooms are empty across the United States, leading major brands to turn over their inventory to those who need it most right now: essential workers spending time away from their families and working long hours at hospitals to combat the virus.

    Hilton Hotels and Resorts, whose portfolio includes 18 hotel brands such as Waldorf Astoria and Double Tree by Hilton and 971,000 rooms around the world, announced a partnership with American Express this week to donate one million hotel nights at locations around the country to host nurses, doctors, and EMT workers through the end of May. “During this crisis, we have seen so many examples of medical professionals working in the most challenging…

  • Coyotes, bobcats and bears: Wildlife is reclaiming Yosemite National Park

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    From the Los Angeles Times By By SUSANNE RUST

    YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK — Yosemite Village is normally a crush of humanity and traffic congestion. On Saturday, it was peaceful like few times before — the only sounds coming from the wind and the few local residents.

    A young bobcat ambled by the nearly abandoned administrative buildings, while ravens prattled and danced in the empty parking lots, and coyotes trotted along the valley’s empty roads and walkways. Read the ARTICLE and SEE A VIDEO HERE.

    Tourists aren’t allowed in California’s most popular national park, but if they could visit, they might feel as if they had been transported to another time. Either to a previous era, before millions of people started motoring into…

  • Coastal States Create Path Forward Together

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    Below is the The Source Weekly article on Governor Kate Brown’s agreement with California and Washington on re-opening these states economies together. Is it just us, but isn’t it positive to see the west coast states keeping it cool, thoughtful and also positive in the approach to this. We also want to support the Source Weekly as one of our local media publications that supports our local community.

    From The Source Weekly By by Nicole Vulcan

    Governors of OR, WA, CA announce plan to reopen their economies together. When that is? Still up in the air. READ THE ARTICLE HERE. 

    When the states of Oregon, Washington and California finally re-open businesses and other facilities currently shut due to COVID-19,…

  • Oregon Man, 104, May Be World's Oldest Survivor Of Coronavirus

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    Here are some stories to get your week off to a “Positive Start” in Backyard Bend. The first one is close to home and the story of an Oregon man beating COVID 19 at 104. Oregonians are a hardy bunch. Stay positive and send us an email if you have a positive story to share. info@backyardbend.com.

    From OPB By Jonathan Levinson  Click the image to watch the video.

    Bill Lapschies’ granddaughter Jamie Yutzie said he has a contagious smile tucked behind his pale blue surgical mask.

    On Wednesday, Lapschies’ family carried balloons, cake and signs outside the Edward C. Allworth Veterans’ Home in Lebanon, Oregon, to celebrate his 104th birthday. With everyone spaced out 6-feet to maintain social distancing, staff…

  • Aspiring Barista Uses Coffee Shop Supplies to Make Free Drinks for Essential Workers From His Window

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    From the Good News Network By McKinley Corbley

    Rather than twiddling his thumbs in self-isolation, this aspiring San Francisco barista has been making free coffee for essential workers passing by his window.

    Prior to the novel coronavirus shutdowns across California, Ben Ramirez had been taking barista classes with the hopes of eventually opening up his own coffee shop. Read the ARTICLE HERE .

    Since Ramirez has been forced to stay inside his home on Pfeiffer street, he decided to use his abundance of brewing supplies and ingredients to make free coffee for mailmen, hospital staffers, and other essential workers walking past his window.

    Ramirez is careful to maintain social distancing guidelines by using a toy gorilla arm that he…

  • Pandemic is Turning the Natural World Upside Down

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    From The Atlantic By Marina Koren

    From inside her living room in London, Paula Koelemeijer can feel the world around her growing quieter.

    Koelemeijer, a seismologist, has a miniature seismometer sitting on a concrete slab at the base of her first-floor fireplace. The apparatus, though smaller than a box of tissues, can sense all kinds of movement, from the rattle of trains on the tracks near Koelemeijer’s home to the waves of earthquakes rolling in from afar. Since the United Kingdom announced stricter social-distancing rules last month, telling residents not to leave their home except for essential reasons, the seismometer has registered a sharp decrease in the vibrations produced by human activity. Read the ARTICLE HERE. 

    With fewer trains,…

  • Scientists Create Mutant Enzyme That Recycles Plastic Bottles in Hours

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    From The Guardian By Damian Carrington

    A mutant bacterial enzyme that breaks down plastic bottles for recycling in hours has been created by scientists.

    The enzyme, originally discovered in a compost heap of leaves, reduced the bottles to chemical building blocks that were then used to make high-quality new bottles. Existing recycling technologies usually produce plastic only good enough for clothing and carpets. Read the ARTICLE HERE. 

    The company behind the breakthrough, Carbios, said it was aiming for industrial-scale recycling within five years. It has partnered with major companies including Pepsi and L’Oréal to accelerate development. Independent experts called the new enzyme a major advance.

    Billions of tonnes of plastic waste have polluted the planet, from the Arctic to…

  • While India is on Quarantine, Thousands of Undisturbed Sea Turtles Estimate 60 Million Eggs

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    From the FUN OWL By Dan Bradford

    The Coronavirus pandemic, and the consequent blocking of activities that has been implemented in many countries around the world, continue to have positive effects on nature, animals and the air we breathe. It seems that this dramatic situation has brought, in the midst of so many sufferings and deprivations, also a period of “breathing” and well-being to the planet that hosts us and to so many creatures that are often threatened by the presence of man. Read the ARTICLE HERE.

    In eastern India, what has not been seen for a long time has happened along the coast of the state of Odisha. Sea turtles, animals notoriously vulnerable and threatened by pollution and…

  • 60 Most Beautiful Friendship Quotes

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    As we head into the weekend we thought “friendship” is something to think about and appreciate. This article comes from Purpose Fairy and it has 60 friendship quotes. We have selected a few here.  To read more go to the FULL ARTICLE HERE.

    “There are still some wonderful people left in this world! They are diamonds in the rough, but they’re around! You’ll find them when you fall down– they’re the ones who pick you up, who don’t judge, and you had to fall down to see them! When you get up again, remember who your true friends are!” ~ C. JoyBell C.

    Friends make life a lot more fun.

    ·      “You can always tell when two people are…

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