• Bend to host two roundtable discussions with key stakeholders on camping code

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    The City of Bend will have meetings regarding camping regulations on city-owned property. Learn more here.

    BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) — The City of Bend will bring together a variety of stakeholders at two roundtable meetings next week to receive feedback regarding the camping code currently in development.

    The city is developing municipal code provisions to regulate camping on City rights-of-way and City-owned property, like public streets, sidewalks and landscape strips in Bend.

    A roundtable is a new type of public meeting that is intended to create a space for community discussion between community members and the Bend City Council in a less formal setting.

    There is no public comment at these roundtable discussions, as the conversation is meant to…

  • Winter Camping

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    Why not?  Yes, it will be cold, maybe even wet, muddy, frozen or terribly windy.  But stepping outside our comfort zone is what builds character, encourages growth, strengthens our minds and bodies, shapes adventures and creates memories.  There once was a time when I’d eagerly await the warmer months just so I could go camping again.  My joyous outdoor spirit would sadly dim as fall descended into winter and I’d nervously plan up all the places I’d explore again once spring hit. Until one day, a friend asked if I wanted to go camping…in JANUARY!?!!  I questioned every moment of the trip.  Where would we sleep?  How would we keep warm?  What if it rains?  What would we even DO!?…