• Prineville Reservoir hits lowest level in more than 20 years

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    Prineville Reservoir is seeing its lowest levels in over 20 years. Learn more here.


    PRINEVILLE, Ore. (KTVZ) — The water level at the Prineville Reservoir has slowly been getting lower and lower.

    This year, the reservoir has hit its lowest water level since the 1990s, at 18% of capacity, according to Prineville Reservoir State Park Manager Chris Gerdes.

    While the reservoir’s water level fluctuates through the years, it has stayed low the last few years.

    “It happens periodically,” Gerdes told NewsChannel 21 Tuesday. “Any time that the reservoir gets below 30%, that’s where issues happen.”

    The reservoir is at 26% now, with the only visitors being a dozen or…

  • Irrigation districts issue drought declaration request; earliest on record

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    Central Oregon irrigation districts are requesting drought declaration – the earliest on record. Learn more here. BY BROOKE SNAVELY | CENTRAL OREGON DAILY NEWS

    Low snow pack in the mountains and low water levels in the reservoirs are prompting local farmers to request a drought declaration, the earliest on record.

    Eight irrigation districts in our area are seeking the drought declaration, because they don’t expect water storage to improve before summer’s heat sets in.

    Central Oregon farmers and ranchers and the irrigation districts who serve them already know there’s not enough water in the mountains to keep irrigation canals full during the normal growing season, April through October.

    That’s why they are filing drought declarations early.

  • Revegetating the Klamath Reservoirs after Dam Removal - Free Online Event

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    September 16th, at 7pm Online Event

    Joshua Chenoweth- Senior Riparian Ecologist will lead a discussion on revegetating after the removal of the Klamath dam removals. Join the discussion and learn more about dam removal on the Klamath.  MORE INFO HERE.

    Zoom Registration Link: bit.ly/sisk-npso-talks

    Talk Description: Josh’s work on the Elwha got the attention of the Yurok Tribe who, in 2019, recruited him to come south and be the lead ecologist to plan and implement the revegetation of three even larger reservoirs that will be exposed by Klamath Dam removal. Josh will discuss the planning and current efforts behind this work as they relate to the region native plants for this month’s SCNPSO talk. We look forward to seeing…

  • Win a $1,200 Inflatable JD Paddleboard Prize Pack

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    Our new Share & Win will get you out on the water this summer with a performance JD Paddleboard. These boards are built for performance on rivers or lakes and for K-9 or family passengers.

    Did you just return from some epic outdoor fun? If you took a cool video or photo share it with us. It’s quick, easy, and a great way to connect with people and places in your own backyard.

    You can share your photos and videos directly on the BYB APP or using the hashtag #backyardbend on your Instagram or Twitter post. Learn how HERE.  When you do you’ll automatically be entered for a chance to Win an amazing $1,200 Inflatable Paddleboard (Perch…

  • Local Non-Profit Profile - Coalition For The Deschutes

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    Today we profile one of the many local non-profits that work to make our community better every day. One of the things we really like about this organization is that they bring together groups with different interest to find common ground to restore and make the Deschutes a healthy vibrant river for everyone of Central Oregon. Consider helping in any way you can. MORE INFO HERE.  

    Coalition For The Deschutes. Working to restore the Deschutes River so fish, farms, and families can thrive.

    Water in the West has always been a contentious issue, with strong advocates for agriculture, development, recreation, and many other uses. There are no real winners when those forces compete, but often there is a loser:…

  • The Upstream Project by the Upper Deschutes Watershed Council

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    This is a feature of local non-profit the Upper Deschutes Watershed Council that has been protecting and restoring the Upper Deschutes watershed for 25 years. What you may not know is they have youth education programs that are helping young people become stewards of the river. Consider donating time or money to this great organization.

    Learn More of what they do HERE.


  • Fence Pull Hosted by Deschutes Land Trust

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    Wednesday Nov 4th, 12pm Hosted by Deschutes Land Trust

    The Deschutes Land Trust host events that are meaningful and you can get your hands dirty at. The Whychus Canyon Reserve has been a project over the last several years that is helping return the river and its surrounding landscape to what it once was. MORE INFO HERE. 

    Young trees and native plants planted in the restoration area along Whychus Creek have grown! Help us pull old fencing material and fence posts out of the restoration area at Whychus Canyon Preserve now that these plants no longer need to be protected. Join us for a Fence Pull on November 4th! Your help will continue to restore…

  • Water Talks - A Series From The Deschutes River Conservancy

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    A new series from the Deschutes River Conservancy that looks at water and all the groups it affects in the Deschutes river basin.

    Wednesday Oct 21, Nov 4, and Nov 18. MORE INFO HERE. 

    Have 3 minutes or less you *may* be willing to spare? If so, please join us to talk WATER!  Watch at your leisure – view each one as it is released within this event “Discussion”!
    These short, bite sized online conversations, each wrap up in less than 180 seconds so you can grab a quick earful on the go!

    WATER TALKS aims to help demystify the world of water here in Central Oregon. We’ll tackle some tricky topics with some of our basin’s most…

  • Virtual OMSI Science Pub: Hidden Secrets of Rivers

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    July 14th, 630pm – 830pm.  More INFO HERE.

    Another great online learning event by OMSI. A Random Walk Along the River: Vital Connections that Rivers Share with the Land, the Sky, and Us with Sean W. Fleming, Applied R&D Technical Lead, US Dept. of Agriculture National Water and Climate Center; Courtesy Prof., College of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences, OSU; Adjunct Prof., Dept. of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences, UBC.

    Rivers are everywhere and affect everything. When all goes well, they provide us with water, power, food, transportation, recreation, and beauty. And when things go wrong, they wipe out our homes or even bring poisoned water to our taps.

    But how much do we know about how rivers actually…

  • Upper Deschutes Watershed Council 'Upstream' Auction is Live on Monday June 29th

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    The next round of auction items from the UpperDeschutes Watershed Council’s Upstream project will be available starting on Monday, June 29th! This is your chance to score some incredible items including an Aquaglide inflatable paddle board, dinner for two at Elk Lake Resort, a Tenkara fly rod and reel, a Bendistillery gin cocktail basket, and a beautiful Bronwen Jewelry necklace. More INFO HERE. 

    All proceeds from this auction benefit our watershed education program, The Upstream Project, which seeks to educate and engage the next generation of watershed stewards. We are continuing to connect with students, parents, and teachers through our online educational videos. Show your support and help us do more by bidding on some of…