• Nearly 30 small, shallow quakes rumble beneath Paulina Lake; seismologists see no cause for alarm

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    30 small earthquakes occurred beneath the eastern shore of Paulina Lake. Find out more here.

    VANCOUVER, Wash. (KTVZ) — Nearly 30 shallow earthquakes — too small to be felt — have occurred in the past week and a half beneath the eastern shore of Paulina Lake at Newberry Volcano, but U.S. Geological Survey seismologists said Monday they are not a cause for alarm and are “likely the result of fluids moving in the hydrothermal system.”

    In their information statement, the seismologists called it “a slight uptick in seismic activity” and said there were no signs of ground deformation or “other indications of unrest,” so the alert level for the area remains at “normal.”

    It’s been a decade since Cascades…