• Central Oregon Radio's Best Testimonial Ever!

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    7/9/24 – Halfway through 2016, Bend Radio Group (now BackyardMedia) launched its BackyardBend platform. Since that time our cluster of radio stations have caused over 105,000 pieces of content to be hashtagged and geo-located to BackyardBend on Instagram alone. Prior to 2016, BackyardBend did not exist. Today it is a brand with one of the highest awareness levels in Central Oregon and an out-of market user base that is larger than the one we’ve created in our tri-county area! This was achieved entirely using live and local radio; in other words, socially engaging our listeners, and visitors, solely through our BackyardMedia radio stations and their talented team of on-air influencers.

    Over our twenty-five years serving Central Oregon we’ve had many client successes. We’ve produced many packed concerts, and events. BackyardBend however, is unique. It was created from an idea. Prior to 2016, it did not exist in the minds of anyone except our team. BackyardBend and these 105,000+ posts bear witness to the power of sound; and the medium of sound that is live, local, community inspired radio. No other testimonials to Radio’s remarkable capabilities are needed. We know of no greater local Radio success story. We are proud to offer this one-of-a-kind platform to businesses serving Central Oregon along with the rest of BackyardMedia’s integrated marketing tools.