Where’s Your Podcast? We Can Help.

It turns out the pandemic boom in podcast listening was just a warmup act. Triton Digital says the number of monthly podcast listeners has continued to rise, with it tracking a 12% growth rate during the past two years. Based on its measurement of podcast downloads, as well as companion survey data, Triton says during 2023, four in ten (40%) of U.S. adults reported listening to a podcast within the past month. “This growth was reflected across all segments of the population, especially those late to adopting podcasts as a preferred medium,” Triton says. The just-released U.S. Podcast Report finds that older Americans and women are becoming new podcast listeners at a faster rate, with a 22% increase in listeners over the age of 55 and a 13% increase for 35- to 54-year-olds.

Download a copy of Triton’s U.S. Podcast Report 2023 HERE.