Helio Sequence x Base Camp Studio Celebration!

Crow's Feet Commons

Have you heard of Base Camp Studio? This great organization brings community together through Art. Their mission is to bring all members of our community together through conscious learning, creative expression and connection through the arts. In the past three years, they have hosted a great community event called the PAINTING MARATHON….This 24 painting morphological project ebbs and flows through a full day of painting from different members of our community. The outcome? A mural of artistic expression.
Anyway, the Helio Sequence will be playing during the final hours of this art project and we want you to join in the celebration…
Brandon and Benjamin love playing at Crow’s Feet Commons and we thought, who not bring all these great artists together……so join us wont you?
Suggested donation for the show is $10.00 for entry and ticket entries will go to help fund Base Camp Studio.

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