• The Biggest Little Show In The World

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    The 78th annual Sisters Rodeo June 6th and 8th-10th. The tradition continues at this great Central Oregon event. If you’ve never seen rodeo, this might the year to give it a try. It’s a great time and fun atmosphere. Here’s a little teaser from last year’s event. More Info HERE!

  • Pine Nursery Dog Park

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    Did Ya Know???

    Pine Nursery dog park is 18 acres, is clean, is fun and is right in our #backyardbend. Check it out!!!

  • Win 2 Mt. Bachelor Spring Passes!

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    If you haven’t checked out our current giveaway on the “Share and Win” page and you want 2 months of spring skiing at Mt. Bachelor, then you should make sure to “Share” so you are eligible to “Win”.

    Using the #backyardbend is all you have to do in your Instagram or Twitter post. You must Geo-Locate your post too, so it appears in the media gallery and hashtag map on the homepage.  Don’t want to give up the exact location, no problem, a generic location is fine. Your post appears automatically in the gallery and map. See what the local community is “Inspired” by.  No ads, no algorithms, just chronological postings from people enjoying, sharing and protecting our backyard. #backyardbend,…

  • "Stop The Progression Already"

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    Outside Magazine/online recently published an article calling bullsh**t on the progression mindset and social media driven images of, “bigger, faster, farther” and how this is leading to more serious injuries and deaths from action sports. We spent some time thinking about this and wanted to share the article to generate a healthy discussion on the topic in our local community.  You can find it HERE!

    What do you think about this topic? We would like to hear from you. Send us an email at and let us know your thoughts.


  • 7th annual Central Oregon Snowmobile Drags!

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    Snowmobile drag racing is happening this weekend at Wanoga Snow Park. If you want to see some rad people and sleds going fast this is the weekend to watch as it goes down in Bend.

    Test and Tune Friday the 23rd. Qualifying Saturday and Eliminations on Sunday! Mark your calendars! Large payouts and tons of racing and fun! Spectators are always FREE!

  • 12 Best Camping Games

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    It may be February but camping is a big part of #backyardbend all year long now, just check out the Mt. Bachelor RV camping scene each weekend or Kappka Snow Park. Camping involves unplugging and hanging with friends. Old fashioned games with cards, game boards and humans without electronics are always a solid choice while camping with friends.  We came across a great article and share it here at the link to 12 Best Camping Games


  • A Free Month Of Car Washes

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    Have you checked out our Digital Deals page? Local business offering local deals, like, Empire Car Wash. They have a new VIP plan and membership that allows you unlimited car washes all year long. Join the plan and get one month FREE. Check out the Digital Deals page.

  • High Pressure Setting Up Over Central Oregon

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    Well we’ve got a sunny week of high pressure ahead in Central Oregon, so unfortunately no new POW for all us winter enthusiast. It will be a great week for some groomers at Mt. Bachelor, skate or classic skiing, and even mountain biking is still an option for your weekly dose of Central Oregon outdoors.

    It’s also a good time to get your Christmas shopping and decorating done so you’re ready to get outside again when the snow returns. Our weather pages provide all the links you need in one place so bookmark it and stay tuned for the next storm cycle. Have a great week!!!

  • Outside's 2018 Winter Buyer's Guide

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    This Buyer’s Guide covers Ski and Snowboard, clothing, essentials, and fitness.  It may help if you’re looking for some new winter gear or hey, it’s always good to see what’s out there.

    Outside’s 2018 Winter Buyers Guide

  • Training Tip From Mandon Welch MSPT, PT

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    Whether skiing the backcountry, dodging jagged rocks, riding singletrack or trail running over slick roots, a strong and powerful core provide the foundation necessary to maximize your potential.  I like to compare a lack of core stability with firing a cannon from a canoe.  Sure, the cannon is a powerful weapon, but it’s largely useless unless fired from a stable platform.  Attempting to use your arms and legs with insufficient core strength is a very inefficient way for you to tackle the outdoor activities you love.

    There have been many innovative “core” exercises introduced over the past decade, as core strength has become a buzzword.  However, the old standby, SIDE PLANK, provides a great deal of bang for your buck.…