Women's Beginner-Friendly Climb Night at the Bend Rock Gym

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Sunday March 8th at the Bend Rock Gym.

Are you curious about trying out rock climbing? Are you looking for a safe and supportive atmosphere for your first time off the ground? Then join JessBFit at the Bend Rock Gym for an evening of top-rope climbing, auto belays and bouldering! We’ll supply the skilled belayers who will manage the ropes as you climb. We’ll coach and cheer you on and encourage you to push yourself to the top of the wall!

Cost to participate is $18 for a day pass (plus $8 if you need to rent climbing shoes and harness). More INFO HERE.

Indoor climbing is a great activity to help you get excited about moving your body in new and creative ways. Learn to climb tonight and get inspired to continue climbing indoors and out!

Sign the BRG waiver in advance to save you some time on climb night: https://app.rockgympro.com/waiver/esign/bendrockgym/612d02ba-8a67-46a9-8cf9-0479be0fd2e0

Meet us at the front of the gym around 6 pm and we’ll connect you with an experienced climber who can help set you up for a fun and challenging evening. Whether it’s your first,second or hundredth time climbing, if you want to hang around with like-minded women who are happy to share their knowledge and excitement, you’re in the right place.

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