Water Talks - A Series From The Deschutes River Conservancy

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A new series from the Deschutes River Conservancy that looks at water and all the groups it affects in the Deschutes river basin.

Wednesday Oct 21, Nov 4, and Nov 18. MORE INFO HERE. 

Have 3 minutes or less you *may* be willing to spare? If so, please join us to talk WATER!  Watch at your leisure – view each one as it is released within this event “Discussion”!
These short, bite sized online conversations, each wrap up in less than 180 seconds so you can grab a quick earful on the go!

WATER TALKS aims to help demystify the world of water here in Central Oregon. We’ll tackle some tricky topics with some of our basin’s most knowledgeable experts. We’ll discuss things like:

* What’s really causing water supply issues in the basin and how (unfortunately) it’s not a new problem.

* What work is underway right now to help bring better balance to everyone in the basin (think fish, farmers AND families) and what kind of tools are in that tool box.

* We’ll take you on a journey through basin history starting with the first inhabitants of the region, the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs.

And this is just the beginning! We will be looking to you to ask your burning questions along the way. We may even ask to interview you!

Interviews will either be pre-recorded and posted here or streamed Live.

Each talk will wrap up in less than 180 seconds. That’s the length of time the average person can hold his/her breath under water. No need to hold your breath, but please DO join us, for one or all talks.

Lastly, a gentle reminder, in the case that someone needs it: Be Kind. This is not the forum for negative criticism or rants. Please speak (and write) openly, but respectfully. Thanks in advance!

See you online!