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Weather conditions are an important element when planning outdoor adventures and we think our ‘Weather Conditions’ pages are pretty cool. We have locations from around the state to choose from. If you are an avid adventurer like us you want to evaluate several sources of weather information to make your own decision on a specific location as you plan your mission outside.

That’s why we have curated multiple links, webcams and resources in one simple page to help you evaluate the weather yourself. BYB Conditions.

Several NOAA resources are available, including the GOES WEST satellite. If you haven’t checked out this satellite you should. It is NASA and NOAA’s satellite image and video loop in real time. You can choose an image or a video loop of different lengths that represent hours of elapsed time.

In the video, we selected 48 images that represents the previous 4 hours. You can see  the cloud action develop over Central Oregon on July 28th and the convection on a hot summer day as thunderstorms build over the region. You can even see the line of darkness in the final frames of the video loop on the right side of the screen moving from east to west as the earth turns. (This is where we geek out).

So hit the BYB weather locations on the website or BYB APP to help you plan your next adventure or to just geek out on weather.

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