Waiting List Opens For Electric SUV With Monthly Subscription Fee Tailor-Made For Young City Dwellers

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From The Good News Network By Andy Corbley

Without an internal combustion engine—and all the other components such as radiators needed for one to safely function—all-electric vehicle manufacturers are beginning to realize there isn’t anything stopping them from making a truly unique automobile.

That’s why Canoo, an LA-based company making electric SUVs has just opened up its waiting list for a lounge-like electric SUV that looks like it’s straight out of Blade Runner.

Talking to Electrek, Canoo CEO Ulli Kranz explains the logic behind a car which truly seeks to transform the way people think about what a car is. “Most electric cars today look like combustion-engine vehicles,” explains Kranz.

“They are SUVs or large sedans with huge batteries and very expensive. What’s missing is affordability. Therefore we put all our focus on an affordable electric vehicle while keeping in mind the ride-hailing and car-sharing that young generations have embraced.”  The Canoo speaks loudly to the modern green urban-dweller. Many of them consider automobiles to be a primary driver of climate change, too expensive, or just plain inconvenient when ride sharing options like Uber and Lyft are so widespread. So this pod-like vehicle created a unique proposition that young people can embrace.

Canoo’s innovative subscription strategy is designed to reduce the EV’s cost by bundling the flat monthly payment to include maintenance, registration, and insurance, while charging on a month-to-month basis with no contract.

Since no one knows how much it will cost per month, the value remains unclear. But the waiting list to get yourself a Canoo in 2021 opened last week and is obligation-free.

The interior of the Canoo, which has 300 horse-power and a range of 250 miles, can be described as having furniture more than seats. The lounge-like luxury of the Canoo is meant to resemble a Zen garden, instead of a limousine.

Access to the vehicle’s functions is reached through the Canoo app, and can be used with the driver’s own smartphone or tablet. Canoo, which was launched in 2017, has also gamified the waitlist: by taking part in their pre-launch contest, perspective Canoo owners can get their name higher on the list and earn cool Canoo swag by completing surveys and referring others to join the wait list.

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