Viral Video of Young Fast Food Worker’s Drive-Thru Demeanor is Infectiously Positive

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This should start your week off on a “Positive Note”. Kindness with a smile.

From the Good News Network by McKinley Corbley

It’s always good to recognize hard working employees—but this 20-year-old fast food worker has gone viral for his infectiously positive attitude. See the VIDEO HERE.

Since Jeremiah Murrill began working at the Chick-Fil-A restaurant in Wilmington, North Carolina a few years, he has become somewhat of a local celebrity.

Every day that he is on the clock, rain or shine, Murrill is taking customer drive-thru orders outside of the restaurant with a cheerful smile and amiable attitude. He even tries to remember the names of repeating customers as a personal labor of love.

Murrill recently gave permission for a doting customer to film him as he took their order last month—and since she uploaded the video to Facebook, it has been viewed almost half a million times.

If Murrill’s friendly disposition isn’t enough to convince you of the young man’s character, then maybe the video’s comment section will—there are dozens of comments from local customers praising the young man for always striving to make them smile.

“My favorite guy! Literally the most positive person, rain or shine,” wrote one social media user. “I’m so happy that he is getting the recognition he deserves and has earned simply for being an upbeat and genuine human being. You’re a rare find, friend.”

Another commenter wrote: “You could literally be having the worst day and he would turn it around! I truly miss this location because of him!”

When WWAY reporters asked Murrill about what inspires him to show such kindness to his customers, he simply said: “Your actions, your behavior, or the way you interact with people matters, and it transforms a day.

“Seeing these lives transform just by talking with them and taking their orders and being kind and nice—it’s awesome.”

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