US and Canada Establish First International Transboundary Dark Sky Park

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This article is from the Optimist Daily.

If you enjoyed last week’s Perseid Meteor Shower and want to see more night sky action, we’ve got good news. The US and Canada have established the world’s newest International Dark Sky Park for star-lovers to enjoy.

The Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park is a collaborative National Park established on the border between the US and Canada in the state of Montana and Alberta, just south of Calgary. The park has become a Dark Sky Park after meeting the qualifications by installing dark sky-friendly lighting to reduce light pollution. The measures include the installation of LED streetlights and dark sky-friendly fixtures and bulbs.

“The dark skies in the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park truly are spectacular,” said Ron Hallman, president and CEO of Parks Canada. “Designation of the Peace Park as the world’s first international transboundary Dark Sky Park shows the world our commitment to protecting the environment, while offering opportunities for visitors to connect with nature, even at night.”

In addition to offering visitors a spectacular view of the skies, the designation also benefits local animals as light pollution can confuse their natural sleep, wake, and migration cycles.