Uphill Etiquette At Mt. Bachelor

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We are all very fortunate Mt. Bachelor continues to provide uphill access to the Central Oregon skiing community. With increased use it is important for the uphill community to understand the policies and etiquette while using the uphill routes at Mt. Bachelor so everyone can continue to enjoy access to this safe and controlled environment. Please help spread the word that this is a privilege provided by Mt. Bachelor and help educate those who may not know the proper etiquette while using the routes.

Familiarize yourself with the uphill policies on the Mt. Bachelor website. Check the new kiosk located on Leeway for current information. Use only the defined uphill routes when they are open. Follow closures and stay to the right of the uphill markers in the skin track. Be courteous to all including Mt. Bachelor staff and ski patrol. We can all help educated those who may not know and keep this awesome benefit available.

Cheers To Skiing and Snowboarding!

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