UCLA Is Launching The World’s First Research Institute On The Science Of Kindness

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This is a positive development and is a great piece to send us into the weekend. Have a great weekend and be kind out there in #backyardbend.

From The Good News Network

Previous research has already shown that kindness can positively affect our biology, general health, and even our longevity.

There are countless other ways that different compassionate acts and lifestyle changes can affect one person, let alone society—and that is why the University of California in Los Angeles has just announced that they will be launching the world’s first interdisciplinary research institute on kindness. Read the FULL ARTICLE HERE.

Thanks to a $20 million gift from The Bedari Foundation, the newly-established UCLA Bedari Kindness Institute will support world-class research on kindness, create opportunities to translate that research into real-world practices, and serve as a global platform to educate and communicate its findings.

“Universities should always be places where we teach students to reach across lines of difference and treat one another with empathy and respect — even when we deeply disagree,” UCLA Chancellor Gene Block said. “The UCLA Bedari Kindness Institute will bring the best thinking to this vital issue and, I think, will allow us to have a real social impact on future generations.”

The institute, which will begin operating immediately, will take an interdisciplinary approach to understanding kindness—through evolutionary, biological, psychological, economic, cultural and sociological perspectives. It will focus on research about the actions, thoughts, feelings and social institutions associated with kindness and will bring together researchers from across numerous disciplines at UCLA and at external organizations.

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