• Central Oregon SOS - Support for Employees and Employers

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    The Central Oregon SOS website is a new community resource developed in response to the current economic downturn. There are many in our community who are in need of resources to deal with the job loss, business shutdowns and other related challenges. This website has a comprehensive list of resources to help navigate the situation and find assistance that can help.

    We Stand With You
    Through Hardship

    S.O.S. – the universal signal for help or distress. Whether that is from the Coronavirus pandemic or something more regional, like wildfires, people are likely to be in need of assistance.

    CentralOregonSOS.com is about hearing that initial signal for help and is the response to it. This site…

  • The Rules for Going Outdoors During Coronavirus

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    Backyard Bend is like so many other mountain towns with a population that enjoys the outdoor lifestyle. Being mindful of how we recreate outdoors responsibly is important. Below is an article from Outside Magazine by Wes Siler. READ THE ARTICLE HERE.

    You can see the VIDEO HERE.

    By Wes Siler

    All of us want to get outdoors right now. With the advice of a public health and infectious disease expert, here’s how you can do so safely and responsibly.

    “This disease is hyper-infectious; we haven’t seen anything like it in recent history,” says Global First Ladies Alliance Cora Neumann, who is advising Montana state health authorities on their handling of the COVID-19 crisis.

    “We need to flatten the curve,”…

  • K-12 Distance Learning Guide

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    A letter sent out  yesterday to all school districts from the Director of the Oregon Department of Education, Colt Gill, advised all of the districts in the state that because of the COVID-19 virus, there is a very strong possibility that none of Oregon’s K-12 students will be setting foot in a classroom the remainder of the school year, and a shift will be made to provide distance learning for all.

    The letter included Oregon’s School Closure Guidance Distance Learning For All Guide. It is an extensive guide for how the Department of Education is approaching distance learning and a good resource for the public.

    See the GUIDE HERE.

  • SkiMum 'Ski Lifestyle Hoodoo Ski Area'

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    Well, it’s snowing in the mountains this week – a lot – and we know many of us are missing the skiing and riding we would normally be doing still.

    There’s so much heavy news lately to keep us all informed, which is good.  However, we also need positive content of the things we enjoy to keep our spirits up. This video from SkiMum is a teaser of a longer format show about ‘Ski Lifestyle Hoodoo Ski Area’. This is a fun and entertaining 45 minute diversion and reminder of everything we like about skiing and riding. Watch the full episode at www.skimum.com.

  • Watch Robbie Robertson Play ‘The Weight’ With Ringo Starr and Musicians Across Five Continents

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    Robbie Robertson on the Power of ‘The Weight’ During the Pandemic. Powerful stuff here folks.

    In 1968, the Band recorded “The Weight,” a song full of images and characters that Robbie Robertson said he had been storing in his imagination for years. Robertson admits in his autobiography, Testimony, that he struggled to articulate to producer John Simon what the song was even about, but it’s become the Band’s most well-known classic, and it still echoes loudly today. Playing for Change, a group dedicated to “opening up how people see the world through the lens of music and art,” recently spent two years filming artists around the world, from Japan to Bahrain to Los Angeles, performing the song. Robertson takes part,…

  • Oregonians Can Now Temporarily Pump Their Own Gas

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    Seeing people in Backyard Bend pumping their own gas is weird.

    From Central Oregon Daily March 28, 2020

    The State Fire Marshal has temporarily lifted the ban on pumping your own gas in Oregon to ensure the health and safety of retailers.

    “During this unprecedented time of state emergency, we need to ensure that critical supply lines for fuels and other basic services remain uninterrupted,” said State Fire Marshal Jim Walker.

    Oregonians can pump their own gas until April 11th. READ THE ARTICLE HERE.

    The measure isn’t mandatory, it simply allows gas retailers to allow self-service at retail stations.

    “One of the main reasons we made this change is because a number of counties are really concerned some stations…

  • Forest Service Closes Recreation Sites

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    It may come as a big disappointment to a lot of Backyard Bend to learn of the closure of Forest Service recreation sites. There are many who will argue that these places offer the public the opportunity to be outside, exercise, and enjoy nature while social distancing. However, if you consider all the reasons for this closure (READ THE FULL NOTICE) it is reasonable for the greater good of the whole community.

    Low risk walks, hikes, and running in open areas are still available. We can do this. Stay strong and together friends.

  • Natural History Museum of Utah’s Interactive Online Classes Featuring Research Quest!

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    We found this creative and great resource for parents from the Natural History Museum of Utah. Daily online classes for kids. They are FREE!

    Does anyone know of other programs like this or being considered here in Oregon? Send us an email at info@backyardbend.com if you do. Below is the information from their website. See their WEBSITE HERE. 

    As schools make plans to help slow the spread of coronavirus, NHMU is making its award-winning Research Quest science program available live, online to students throughout Utah and the country.

    Currently, NHMU has plans to offer new content Monday through Friday from 9:30 – 10:30 AM MDT.

    Join us the week of March 23 for classes featuring NHMU’s Dr. Mitch Power,…

  • Local Podcast On Backyard Bend - News Update March 24th

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    If you are not aware we are hosting local podcast on the Stream/Cast page of the website and BYB App. Here you will find local news updates and other local podcast to stay informed and keep you inspired. Click HERE to listen to yesterday’s News Update with RL Garrigus with a message from St. Charles Health System on the new stay in place directive.

    Do you have a podcast you would like to get out to the community? Get in touch with us to have it hosted on our Podcast pages. It’s Free and there for the community to use and be inspired. Reach out to us at info@backyardbend.com.

  • Alcohol Delivery, Curbside Pickup Rules Eased to Help Industry

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    Not to fear Backyard Bend, the state is designing new ways to make alcohol sales available. Below is the statement released by OLCC.

    March 19, 2020

    PORTLAND, OR. – Today the Oregon Liquor Control Commission took action designed to ease the economic hardship faced by the hospitality industry as result of public health mandates to help stop the spread of the novel infectious coronavirus (COVID-19). The Commission’s action relaxes some of the requirements relating to delivery of malt beverages, wine and cider by licensees who qualify for same-day delivery. See the OLCC STATEMENT HERE.

    At its monthly meeting today the Commission approved emergency rules to enable licensees that currently have an Off-Premises license – or a license that includes…