• Federal Rulemaking for E-Bikes On Trails May Be Changing

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    E-Bikes on trails has certainly been a local issue here in Backyard Bend. You have probably seen the posted notices on some of our local mountain bike trail systems. Regardless of where you stand on the debate, the issue is evolving and federal agencies are considering BIG changes. Below is an article from People For Bikes. You can read the full article and find links to submit your comments to federal agencies as they consider changes.


    Federal land management agencies that regulate the use of electric bicycles (e-bikes) on motorized and non-motorized trails (the U.S. Forest Service – within the U.S. Department of Agriculture – the National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, U.S.…

  • The Story of Plastic - North Coast OR Free Online Event

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    Thursday, June 18, 2020 at 7 pm – 8:30pm, Hosted by Surfrider Foundation North Coast OR Chapter. More INFO HERE!

    One benefit of events being moved to online formats is we are able to participate in many more events without physically being there. This shift has opened events to us in Central Oregon like this one from the Surfrider Foundation North Coast OR chapter. They are much more than a group of surfers. They are a dedicated community organization that makes a difference in west coast communities. From cleaning up beaches, to fundraisers for local fire and rescue departments, to hosting learning events like these.

    The North Coast OR chapter is very active in Oregon Coast communities and this…

  • BYB Weather Alert

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    Today is looking like significant rain and thunderstorms that you should be aware of if your headed out for your #backyardbend adventure. If you can be out and done before 1 or 2pm you’ve got a good chance of staying relatively dry. After that it’s looking soggy. Positive thought, “it will wash the Ponderosa pollen out of everything”. See the full forecast at Bend/Bachelor Weather Location.

    The BYB Weather Locations/Conditions have all the weather links, webcams and resources for you to plan your outdoor activities and you can now access them on the BYB APP, as well as here on the website. If you haven’t downloaded it, get it at your app store, it’s FREE.

  • Featured Artist Aaron Harris

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    Aaron Harris is our current featured artist. You can see his photos on the website homepage banner and full size images on the Backyard Bend APP in the featured artist section. His images of Central Oregon are captivating and we hung out with Aaron recently to talk about his work and photography; video coming soon.

    Aaron Harris is a Freelance Photographer specializing in Landscape, Action and Portrait photography. Aaron resides in beautiful Central Oregon right in the heart of the Pacific Northwest. His knowledge and experience are quite extensive as he has provided his skill set as a photography guide and workshop instructor.

    Aaron has a passion and desire to continue his growth in the photographic industry, always…

  • Alien Oceans: The Search for Life in the Depths of Space Online Event

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    Thursday May 28, 7pm – 8pm hosted by Science On Tap Oregon & Washington. Online Event. MORE INFO HERE.

    We found this online resource that is a great way to include interesting science for homeschooling the kiddos.

    Could a liquid water ocean beneath the surface of Jupiter’s moon Europa have the ingredients to support life? Here’s how NASA’s mission to Europa would find out. NASA’s Europa Clipper will make dozens of flybys of Jupiter’s moon to learn more about its ocean.


  • Know Burn: Bringing Burning Man to the High Desert Museum Online Event

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    Wednesday May 27, 6pm – 7pm An online event hosted by the Deschutes Public Library. More INFO HERE. 

    Co-curators Laura Ferguson and Dustin Cockerham will share about the creation of “Infinite Moment: Burning Man on the Horizon”, an exhibition about the art and culture of Burning Man at the High Desert Museum.

    A link to view this program online will be provided by 6:00pm on May 27 at https://www.deschuteslibrary.org/calendar/event/59564.

  • Get in Shape: Physical Preparation for Outdoor Adventures

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    Wednesday May 27, 6pm – 730pm Online Event hosted by JessBFit. MORE INFO HERE.

    It’s spring and you’re itching to get outside and explore. But you feel like your body just might not be so ready yet. Whether you’re hoping to walk up the local hill, scale a big mountain or explore points unknown, you’ll…

    • Understand how to build your speed, endurance and strength at home or close to home.
    • Learn the best ways to start training your body for your next adventure.
    • Be able to put together a training plan for your goals.
    • Learn more about JessBFit’s online training options.

    This is part 1 of a 5-part series.

    Registrants will be…

  • Nature Exploration Wednesdays Online Hosted by the Hoyt Arboretum

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    Wednesday May 27, 2pm – 3pm Online Event. An open-ended theme that will invite youth (for ages 8-16) to actively experience the process of curiosity-driven research. More INFO HERE. 

    During introductions, participants will be encouraged to share 1 question and 1 fact to share in relation to the theme.

    The facilitator will lead a brief discussion where participants will draw connections between shared interests, source knowledge communally, and narrow down research topics, before searching the web together through a “shared screen.” The facilitator will source engaging, educational media on the topics, which will be watched together as a group.

    This is a new program led by Juno Chimera (he/they), Equity Nature Educator at Hoyt Arboretum Friends.

  • Covid-19 Impact Webinar: Reopening, 2 Weeks In

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    Thursday May 28, 12pm – 1pm online event Hosted by Bend Chamber. More INFO HERE.

    After nearly two weeks of being back in business, how are things going for local business, and what can we learn from their experiences? Hear four different business owners in four different industries talk about their journey, including their challenges and creative thinking in safely and effectively reopening their doors.

  • Win a $1,350 Competitor Paddleboard from Tumalo Creek Kayak & Canoe

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    This Memorial Day weekend has been a nice way to get summer started and start thinking about getting on the water.

    If you haven’t seen our current ‘Share & Win’ giveaway, then tune in and make sure you are entered to win this awesome Surf Tech Bark Competitor Paddleboard from Tumalo Creek Kayak & Canoe

    This is a chance to get on the water this summer with a paddleboard that is designed for Central Oregon waters. Use the hashtag #backyardbend on your Instagram and Twitter post and look for additional ways for more entries on our Facebook page. Good luck and we’ll see you on the water.