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This Article from Outside has links to some great live streams to incredible places around the world. We checked out the streams and saw the Orcas in the first 10 seconds we were watching. It’s a nice diversion to see other beautiful places. Enjoy.

From Patagonia to South Africa to Yosemite, visit some of our favorite places on the planet in real time via these live webcams—and start dreaming of where you want to go when we can travel again

If You Want to Surf in Hawaii

I recently discovered a link to a livestream camera overlooking a bay in British Columbia and claiming to show orcas in real time. I hopped on to see what was happening, with the attitude of like I’m really going to see an orca thousands of miles away. But I did! And then I spent an hour watching the orca frolic around in the water and listening to its blowhole exhalations. During these uncertain times, it was the only thing that relaxed me that day. (A shout-out to Explore, the world’s largest live-nature-cam network, for setting up the camera and to the other organizations who make these experiences possible.) Later I got hooked watching a real-time surfer on Oahu’s North Shore. During a period when we can’t travel, livestream feeds are one of the best armchair experiences. Until we can all get back out there, these webcams will take you on a journey around the world—and inspire future trips.

Listen to crashing waves and catch a surfer or two on this live cam at the Pipeline break on Oahu’s North Shore (where surfing is still allowed for now). And Surfline, a website that specializes in surf news and forecasting, has a Cam of the Moment set on a different break around the world at any given time.

If You Want to Go to Yosemite

Relax to the rushing cascade of a huge waterfall in this live cam of the park’s Upper Yosemite Falls.

If You Want to Go Diving

The sounds of the current and images of flowing kelp in this underwater footage from California’s Channel Islands National Park make for another great offering by Explore. And in this Atlantic Ocean shark cam, placed 34 miles off the coast of Cape Fear, North Carolina, I saw a big ol’ shark cruise by, in addition to other vibrant marine life, after about five minutes of watching.

If You Want to Go to New Zealand

Start dreaming about a trip to Queenstown, the epicenter of adventure on the country’s South Island, by watching the light change on Lake Wakatipu and the Remarkables Mountain Range that surrounds the small town.

If You Want See Orcas in British Columbia

One of the many gifts of Explore’s livestream cameras is its orca offerings in Johnstone Strait, a protected habitat in British Columbia where 150 or more killer whales spend the warmer months. I like to open up one of Explore’s orca links and leave it on in the background until I hear some splashing or blowhole exhalations, and then I click over to see the action. Different cameras are live at any given time. (If a camera isn’t live, Explore runs Live Cam Highlights, which are divine.) Here are my two favorites, both from the straight: The first camera overlooks Robson Bight. The second is an underwater camera in which you see orcas darting by and—even more awesome—hear them communicate through their high-pitched sounds. It’s a good reminder that nature is still thriving in many places despite what’s happening to humanity.

If You Want to Go to Patagonia

Get inspired for a future trip to the Southern Hemisphere by watching this live cam, focused on the stunning Torres del Paine National Park and Rio Serrano. Chilean Patagonia has some of the most pristine wilderness parks in the world.

There are about 10 more live streams in the article. Connect to the ARTICLE HERE to find more live stream links to other incredible places.

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