Top 10 States Generating Electricity From Wind

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If you have driven highway 97 north to the Columbia River Gorge you have seen the wind farms that are generating some of our local energy supply. Oregon makes the list of top 10 states producing wind energy. This report shows that wind energy production is growing each month in the U.S. and that’s a positive trend to take note of don’t you think?


When you think of Texas energy, you probably think about oil derricks and natural gas pumps and the like. But wind turbines increasing have become part of the landscape of the Lone Star State – so much so that Texas leads the nation, by far, in electricity generated by wind. The September® Wind Generation Report, an analysis of the latest data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration, shows just how much the state dominates.

Texas produced 30.3 percent of the nation’s electricity generated by wind in June. That’s triple the amount from the next state, Oklahoma. Here’s the rest of the Top 10, in thousand megawatt hours.

Nationally, electricity generation from wind increased about 7 percent from May to June. Even so, 19 of the 36 states with significant wind generation showed declines during the period.

State                  June Production         % Of US Total

Texas                       9,123                             30.3
Oklahoma               3,022                            10.0
Iowa                         2,722                              9.0
Kansas                     2,515                              8.3
California                1,558                              5.2
Illinois                     1,148                               3.8
North Dakota        1,037                               3.4
Colorado                   976                               3.2
Minnesota                964                               3.2
Oregon                      755                               2.5

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