This Inspiring Couple Made It Their New Year’s Resolution to Go On 52 Dates – and They Are About to Succeed

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This is a story from the archives, but an inspiration for keeping the spark alive. Have a great weekend and maybe go on a date!

From the Archives of the Good News Network.

This married couple is about to complete their New Year’s resolution – and they are going to do it simply by having dinner together at a restaurant.

That’s because Justin and Sarah Breen’s resolution was to go out to dinner with each other once a week without their two kids.

Sarah was a 22-year-old medical student when she started dating Justin, a 27-year-old assistant sports editor, in 2004. With his long hours and her rigorous coursework, their “date nights” mostly consisted of studying on the couch with the TV volume turned down.

They eventually got married and settled down – and while the couple from Chicago, Illinois is quick to emphasize that they love being parents and spending time with their sons, raising the youngsters can often be quite stressful, and the Breens wanted to ensure that they were paying enough attention to each other.

Justin then suggested that they use their 2018 New Years resolution as a commitment to having at least one date night every week for a year.

They also used the opportunity to go to a different restaurant every week, although it was definitely not required of their resolution.

“It was never about the food for us. Even if the service was slow, great. We got more time to spend with each other,” Sarah told the Chicago Tribune, with Justin adding that they “never get bored of talking to each other.”

After a few months, they started posting their date night photos to social media. Other couples expressed their admiration and encouragement for the Breens, hoping that they would be able to complete their resolution. Though there were some weeks that were harder than other, due to babysitter cancelations, sickness, and sudden plan changes, Justin and Sarah have successfully gone on 51 wonderful dinner dates.

Now, after 51 dates, they will be finishing their New Year’s resolution tonight.

“We are very excited for our last dinner of 2018,” Justin told Good News Network. “Not only [are we going to] one of the best restaurants in Chicago, but it marks a really neat accomplishment in our lives to finish this resolution. And we have inspired many other couples to begin their own date nights.”

The Breens don’t plan on stopping their romantic resolutions in 2019, either. Justin says his 2019 resolution is to surprise his wife once a month with an extra special date night, and he and Sarah are both open to further suggestions from other couples.

When asked whether he had any tips for couples wanting to complete similar New Year’s resolutions, he told GNN: “Marriage is not magic. It’s about commitment to each other. Much like becoming a doctor or building a successful business or keeping a resolution, it takes time, patience and commitment.”


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