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Episode 02: How did we get here?

California is notorious for its wildfires. California is a fire-adapted ecology and many of the ecosystems across the state rely on fire to reproduce, establish and spread seed. However, 100 years ago, forest management policies changed, leading to increased fuel loads in forests and the use of fossil fuels has led to a drier and hotter climate for more months of the year. This legacy of fire suppression and a changing climate have led to an increase in the number and severity of forest fires across the state.

In Episode 02, we speak with forestry experts on the frontlines of protecting California’s ecosystems through research, policy, and grassroots action. Series overview: The State of California California is one of 35 biodiversity hotspots around the world. Its wide range of endemic species and varied climate make it a unique place. In this series we try to understand what makes California so special.

We look into the many challenges facing the forest, population, and environment, and the solutions being employed to help the state avoid and recover from catastrophic wildfires. Throughout this series we meet the people dedicated to ensuring California’s forests are healthy and safe. From policymakers to academics, to the tree planters and firefighters, these people are on the frontlines of the collective effort to restore California’s landscape and provide hope for future generations. California wildfires are getting worse and worse, and 6 of the biggest 20 fires in California’s history have already been recorded in the 2020 wildfire season.


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