The High Desert Food & Farm Alliance Raises $12,500 for Central Oregon Food Donation Program

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The HDFFA is doing some amazing and positive things here in Central Oregon. They are helping support local food growers and creating programs like this to support those in need of fresh local food. Check out the HDFFA website to learn more.

In response to COVID-19, the High Desert Food & Farm Alliance (HDFFA) raises $12,500 in emergency grant funds to pay farmer partners for the produce they contribute to HDFFA’s Grow & Give Program. ​Funding to pay farmers was awarded through The Oregon Community Foundation, Northwest Farm Credit Services, and the Central Oregon Health Council.

HDFFA is using the $12,500 awarded to help offset farmers’ costs of production and increase their income, while also increasing the amount of fresh produce collected for HDFFA’s Grow & Give Program. A fresh food donation program, Grow & Give is the only program of its kind in Central Oregon. Each year, 15,000lbs or more of fresh locally grown food is collected and distributed through the regional foodbank, NeighborImpact. HDFFA collects produce​ from local farmers, gardeners and community members to improve accessibility to fresh food.

In an average year, 1 in 8 Oregonians experiences food insecurity, which is defined as a lack of consistent access to nutritious, culturally appropriate foods. The Grow & Give Program helps to improve equitable food access for Central Oregonians in the tri-county area. To date, HDFFA has donated 60,000 pounds to NeighborImpact; in 2019, Grow & Give donations served over 40% of their clients.

Visit HDFFA’s Grow & Give Program at the downtown Bend Farmers Market (Wednesdays starting June 3rd, 2-6 pm) and the NorthWest Crossing Farmers Market (Saturdays starting June 20th, 10am-2pm). Fresh produce or monetary donations can also be made through the Redmond Farmers Market (on Tuesdays) and the Sisters Farmers Market (on Sundays). If you have questions or wish to donate, contact Rachel Levy (

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