Thanks Mt. Bachelor and Corn Cycle Week

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This week is looking like a good Corn Cycle is setting up at Mt. Bachelor and we are stoked for some of the spring tasty goods. Sun, temps, and timing are all part of this type of riding. When it’s good it’s really good and Mt. Bachelor has some of the best Corn skiing in the U.S.

The other day we were enjoying the slopes and Corn and just happened to run into John McLeod doing some chores on the West Village Lodge deck and we want to send a big thank you to him and the entire Mt. Bachelor staff for a great season.  If you get the chance tell them thanks too. It’s easy to think a ski resort runs by the push of a button and that everything should be available to us all the time. But the reality is, it takes a lot of hard work and coordination to prepare 4100 acres of terrain, lifts, and facilities for us to enjoy so much fun every day.

You’ll often see John at the bottom of a lift or picking up garbage. Next time you see him say hi and tell him and the staff thanks.

Thank you John!!!

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