Support Local Small Business with SOS Bend

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Here is some local ‘Positive News’ to start our week in Backyard Bend. SOS Bend was launched last week and is a new innovative way to support local small businesses during this tough time when most have had to remain closed. The Bend Chamber helped create this idea. Please consider how you might use this tool to help Bend business owners survive and be there to serve our community in the future.

From the SOS Website.

SOS Bend is a way to support the local businesses that you love and need in Bend. Use SOS Bend to find participating businesses and commit to supporting them. The businesses will follow up with you directly to sell you a gift card or store credit. SOS BEND WEBSITE HERE.

In the wealthiest nation on earth, the median small business has a cash runway of less than 27 days – this is unacceptable. Understanding how COVID-19 brought our small businesses across the nation to their knees is what brought us together to create SOS Bend.

We are a team of volunteers, creators and innovators, but most importantly we are members of our community brought together by shared beliefs in helping serve those that service each of us. Now, more than ever, we feel it is important to share the core beliefs that have brought us together.