Stranger Gives His Car to Pizza Delivery Driver After Chasing Down His Stolen Vehicle

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From The Good News Network By McKinley Corbley

After a woman with mental health issues hijacked and subsequently crashed Rayden Jones’s car, the delivery driver was suddenly going to be left without a mode of transportation to do his job.

Then, suddenly, a good Samaritan stepped in to save the day. See the INSPIRING VIDEO HERE. 

Jones, who works at Happy’s Pizza in Port Huron, Michigan, says he had taken only two minutes to run some pies into a local school last week when he exited the building and found that someone had stolen his car.

Meanwhile, a man named Kevin Lindke had been driving home from work when he saw a swerving car take the wrong ramp onto a freeway. Lindke dialed 911 as he followed the car and described the situation to police dispatchers.

The woman who stole the automobile eventually smashed into another vehicle before abandoning the totally-wrecked car on the side of the road. She took off running with Lindke in hot pursuit.

After catching up to her, Lindke convinced her to stay and wait for police.

Later, when he learned from law enforcement officials that the car had belonged to a hard-working pizza delivery driver, he was moved to donate his minivan to Rayden, rather than selling it, as he had originally planned.  “I’m not going to lie, I about burst into tears because who does that?” Jones told WDIV. “It’s a godsend—that this man, out of nowhere, who I’ve never met, would do this. It’s mind blowing.”

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