Sparrow Clubs

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Our “Get Involved” page features community non-profits that do amazing work in Central Oregon. This page is important to us because we know the work and benefit these organizations are providing. This inspiring video tells the story of how one boy’s caring action started Sparrow Clubs and shows the impact each person can make.

Today we feature Sparrow Clubs. Organized in Central Oregon, Sparrow Clubs does incredible work for children and their families who are facing medical challenges. If you have children in school you are likely aware of a Sparrow your child’s school has sponsored. The cool thing is Sparrow Clubs gets kids to help kids.

Sparrow Clubs is celebrating its 25th anniversary!  Over the past 25 years, Sparrow Clubs has assisted over 1250 families with children in medical need, and $7,000,000 has been raised by kids……for kids!

Thank you Sparrow Clubs for the work you have done in our community.

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