Riverside Bus Driver Honored For Helping Man With Dementia Reunite With Family

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From KABC via MSN Good News

A Riverside bus driver is being called a hero for helping to reunite an elderly man with his family. See the VIDEO HERE. 

Camille Wilson was on her regular route in Perris in November when she was alerted about a missing man who had dementia.

Since Wilson greets everyone who gets on her bus, it didn’t take her long to figure out the man everyone was looking for was one of her passengers.

Wilson said she pulled over to wait for authorities and kept talking to the man to convince him not to leave the bus.

“They gave a description on our device and just me probing, asking questions…they train us on what to do…I was able to put two and two together. When he said he was on his way to the casino, being that there’s no casinos in Perris, that triggered it for me,” said Wilson.

The Riverside Transit Agency recently gave Wilson a hero award.

She said she feels good about making a difference and is grateful for the recognition.

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