Redmond Fire & Rescue launches new business inspection software to boost efficiency

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Redmond Fire & Rescue launched a new fire inspection software. Discover more here.

Redmond Fire & Rescue’s Fire Marshal’s Office has launched its new cutting-edge fire inspection software from ESO. This new software will allow the Fire Marshal’s Office to improve efficiencies when out conducting fire inspections at businesses.

Currently, inspectors will complete a fire inspection using a paper form, then return to the office and input the information into an older database, and then reprint the inspection and return to the business to provide them a report.

With the ESO software, an inspector can complete an inspection on a tablet, and within a matter of a few seconds, the inspection report can be delivered to the business owner’s email inbox before the inspector departs the business. With the increase in efficiency this software provides, it will allow the Fire Marshal’s Office to do more with less.

With more and more buildings going up in Redmond, it can be daunting to try and keep up with the required inspections with limited staff. This software will allow the inspectors to stay in the field and move on to the next inspection without returning to the office and inputting the information. The inspection paperwork is essentially complete once the inspector departs a business.

Beginning August 1st, the Fire Marshal’s Office will start visiting businesses to conduct fire & life safety inspections. These inspections are important to ensure the safety of the community and the safety for firefighters responding to those locations. Business will be inspected based on their hazard. Higher hazard businesses such as, schools, daycares, bars and restaurants, churches, theaters will be inspected first. The priorities will be where people eat, sleep and gather.