Redmond Airport travelers will be boarding larger planes to some popular summer destinations

Redmond Airport will start seeing larger planes over the next six months. Learn more here.

REDMOND, Ore. (KTVZ) — The Redmond Airport will be welcoming larger planes this summer on some flights to its most popular destinations, according to airport Manager Zach Bass.

“Normally, we run a regional 76-seater, and what we’re hearing from our airlines, what we’re seeing for the next six months and over the summer, is upgrading to a 737-800, an Airbus A321,” Bass said Tuesday

The upgrades include moving to Boeing 737 aircraft, meaning going from the current planes’ 76 seats to 180 seats. They’re also known as “mainline” planes, or commercial-size planes you would typically see at an international airport, instead of a regional one.

The higher capacity will be on flights with higher demand, cities frequented by travelers to and from Central Oregon.

“We’re going to start seeing those larger aircraft up to six or seven times a day (on flights to) Salt Lake City, Denver, Seattle, LA, San Francisco,” Bass said. If you’re flying to Denver, you’re probably going to be flying on a mainline 737 with 180 seats, instead of maybe that 76-seater your used to seeing.”

Redmond Airport currently offers nine direct flights on five different airlines, with Seattle being by far the busiest destination for Central Oregon flyers.

Seattle, San Francisco, Denver, Salt Lake City and Phoenix are the top five destination cities out of Redmond Airport, as of March 2022. Los Angeles came in at No. 6.

Due to the current pilot shortage, Bass doesn’t see direct flights to Portland, which were suspended in 2021, coming back any time soon.


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