Power Hour | Is Zero Energy the Solution to Housing Affordability? Hosted by The Environmental Center

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August 13 @ 5:00 pm6:30 pm a Virtual Event. More INFO HERE

When it comes to affordable homeownership, Bend-Redmond Habitat for Humanity knows how to get it done. With 150 homes built (and counting), our community relies on their organization and volunteers to fill an important need for affordable homeownership. Kor Community Land Trust, a new non-profit to the scene, is also working to address the need for stable and permanently affordable housing. Both non-profits have committed to providing zero energy homes–that is, homes that produce as much energy as they use–with no utility bills.
Why zero energy? Because it means their families can reliably count on stable housing costs, even as utility costs continue to increase. Because it means healthier indoor air quality. And because the homes will be more durable and need fewer repairs over the life of the home.
Spoiler alert–zero energy homes might just be the missing link to creating more affordable housing for our entire community. Join us to hear the whole story from Jacob Clark, Director of Construction with Bend-Redmond Habitat for Humanity, and Amy Warren, Executive Director, Kor Community Land Trust. They will show us how their homeownership programs are changing lives and why zero energy is a crucial piece of their missions.

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