Plight of Sage-Grouse: Biology meets Botany in the High Desert

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Wednesday Feb 19th the Environmental Center will host a talk with Dr. Stu Garrett. The evening gets started at 645pm. More INFO HERE.

Dr. Stu Garrett will share his long-running fascination and study of Oregon’s iconic Sage-Grouse. If you haven’t seen the magnificent male grouse strutting his stuff, puffing his chest and fanning his spiky tail feathers to attract females during breeding season, you will need to see this fancy mating ritual. Copy this link ( to watch a 1-minute ODFW video of this spectacular display, taken in Malheur County sagebrush country.

We will learn about some of the historical events that have led to the condition of the ecosystems we see on the High Desert today, and, with dramatic drops in our grouse populations across Oregon in recent years, we will consider some of the changes that might help the sage-grouse survive.

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