Photo Contest Captures Friendship Moments That Make You Feel All Warm Inside

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A new week in Backyard Bend and this article is sure to get you started with a “Positive” vibe. Click the link to see all the warm and inspiring photos and vote for the ones you like the best.

From The Good News Network

This heartwarming series of pictures captures exactly what “friendship” means to photographers around the world. The stunning images were taken as part of a global photographic competition—and the entries have been whittled down to 50 finalists. See the PHOTOS HERE.

The photos were entered into Agora’s competition called for the World’s Best Photos of #Friends2020 in a bid to bag the $1,000 prize money. More than 16,000 photographers entered the competition by conveying exactly what friendship meant to them through their camera lens—and the results are breathtaking.

“Friends come in all shapes and sizes,” mused one of the photographers about the competition. “We often think about humans only having friendships as it’s something we can relate to–but to see wildlife stick at it together is even more inspiring.”

Agora CEO Octavi Royo added: “Friendship is a universal concept that can be perceived in a lot of different ways according to our culture, beliefs and life experience. At Agora, we see friendship in an infinite number of different ways but we also see what is common to all forms of friendship: love, trust and support that is generated between living beings. The result of friendship is a shared, happier life.”

The photographer with the most winning votes will be awarded $1,000 on Tuesday, 11th February 2020.

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