ORVIS Presents: 'Toe to Toe' - An Inspiring Story of More Than Just Fishing

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Here’s a story that is positive and inspiring to get your weekend off to a feel good start. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy Marty’s message of resilience.

Meet Marty Loudder– associate dean and professor at Texas A&M. With the help of Chris Taylor, of Fishheads of the San Juan, Marty has overcome the difficulties of her physical limitations due to childhood Polio so that she can enjoy time on the water with her family. This incredible story of determination and perseverance is an inspiration for us all to never let anything deter us from following our passions. Marty has some amazing techniques that enable her to fly fish confidently and successfully. Seeing the whole family light up with joy is proof positive that there is so much more to fly fishing than catching a few fish.

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