Oregonians Can Now Temporarily Pump Their Own Gas

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Seeing people in Backyard Bend pumping their own gas is weird.

From Central Oregon Daily March 28, 2020

The State Fire Marshal has temporarily lifted the ban on pumping your own gas in Oregon to ensure the health and safety of retailers.

“During this unprecedented time of state emergency, we need to ensure that critical supply lines for fuels and other basic services remain uninterrupted,” said State Fire Marshal Jim Walker.

Oregonians can pump their own gas until April 11th. READ THE ARTICLE HERE.

The measure isn’t mandatory, it simply allows gas retailers to allow self-service at retail stations.

“One of the main reasons we made this change is because a number of counties are really concerned some stations can’t operate if there are no workers,” said Rudy Owens, a spokesman for the State Fire Marshal’s office. “This isn’t just about a change for the general public. This is about ensuring essential people can get gas, like our essential personnel statewide, if attendants aren’t available at gas stations.”

Owens said the change lets gas station attendants avoid face-to-face, hand-to-hand contact with customers.

“Station employees will be sanitizing equipment and fuel nozzles and helping customers with refueling when needed,” he said. “For those visiting stations with self-service who touch a shared surface, please continue to practice safe hand hygiene by washing your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds and not touching your face.”

Retailers are being asked to enforce social distancing guidelines consistent with the governor’s order and require an attendant to be on duty to supervise self-service fueling and implement sanitation measures.

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