Oregon Spirit Sanitizer For Central Oregon

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Local company, Oregon Spirit Distillers has turned its production to sanitizer for our community. How positive is that! They need our help. Below is their statement on the project. Please consider donating to help as they produce this valuable necessity for organizations and first responders that need it.

From Oregon Spirit Distillers.

In case you haven’t heard…we’re making hand sanitizer! We’ve been giving it away to the community out of our bottle shop using the funds from our GoFundMe campaign as well as taking donations at the distillery.

We have run short on packaging supplies as our nation is finding out our supply chain isn’t endless.  We are now asking customers to bring their own containers and we can offer up to 8 oz of sanitizer to each person that brings in a container.  We don’t have bottles available any longer to offer to the general public, so please bring something to have us fill!

We have provided the sanitizer to Child Services, Fire Departments and several other organizations in need.  Our supplies to make the sanitizer are still coming in and so now we offering the sanitizer for sale in bulk to our community Essential Businesses, Medical Offices and First Responders!

Tasting Room Hours:  7 Days a Week- 12 to 6. We cannot distribute to the community outside of these hours
Bulk Sales- Please contact kathy@oregonspiritdistillers.com
8 oz limit per customer please BYOB as we are low/out of packaging at this time.

PLEASE DONATE to this project HERE.

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