Oregon Cancer Bike Out 2020 - Bend

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Saturday October 10, 2020. The event is Free!

Due to Covid-19, we are only operating the Bend event.  More INFO HERE. 

There are some changes and options for the event this year due to restrictions and safety around Covid-19.

You can choose from these ride options:

  • Self Shuttles – Bring your own shuttle vehicles and set up a ride or two based on your own interests.
  • Loop Rides – There are a number of great loop rides to and from Wanoga.  Down Tiddlywinks and up Funner is one example.
  • Reverse Shuttle – We can help you drop one shuttle vehicle off in the AM and shuttle the driver back to Wanoga. Example: You have a group of 4 riding. We can pick up the driver(s) at the bottom of Tylers Traverse leaving your shuttle for the 4 of you there. This will be arranged shortly after registration at 10 so show up there first.
  • We have canceled the dinner reception at Elk Lake Resort although Free Camping is still available.

Please engage with our Facebook page and Instagram accounts for the most current information. You can also contact us by email and phone.

Email: cancerbikeout@gmail.com

Phone: 541-639-5818

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