On the Rocks | Oregon Islands NWR (Rocky Habitat webinar series)

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Wednesday June 10th the  Audubon Society of Lincoln City is hosting this online event that you can participate in from your home in Central Oregon. This is a great way to learn more about the Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge. More INFO HERE. 

Roy Lowe, former long-time manager of the Oregon Coast National Wildlife Refuge Complex, will bring to life with his experiences and photography of the Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge (NWR). Roy will talk about this unique Wildlife Refuge and other rocky habitat on the Oregon Coast.

What is the Oregon Islands NWR?
From nearly every viewpoint on the Oregon coast, colossal rocks can be seen jutting out of the Pacific Ocean. Each of these landforms is protected as part of Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge. The refuge includes 1,853 rocks, reefs and islands and two headland areas and spans 320 miles of the Oregon coast.

Please contact CoastWatch volunteer coordinator, Jesse Jones, for a link to the webinar jesse@oregonshores.org.

Photo: Three Arch Rocks courtesy of Roy Lowe

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