Nine-year-old Friendswood girl showing others that 'Kids can change the world' with free food pantry

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From MSN News By Sonia Ramirez

Nine-year old Alexandra Castillo’s wants to show other children that “Kids can change the world” with her free food pantry. “I explained to her how difficult it was becoming to find food and the shelves were going empty,” said Julie Castillo, Alexandra’s mom.

Alexandra wanted to find a way her neighbors could have access to a little food pantry, and after seeing ideas on Pinterest, the vision grew from there.

“I went on Nextdoor and Facebook to see if anyone had materials to donate,” said Castillo. With the help of Brady Burnett, who donated a cabinet door and built the pantry with his dad, Alexandra’s idea became a reality.

“It consists of canned goods, toilet paper, paper towels, mouth wash, toothpaste, soap, hand sanitizer, bubbles, chalk, reusable water bottles, and  any snacks and food people want to donate,” said Castillo.

“Take what you need, give what you can. It is always open for anyone,” said Castillo.

Aside from adding a free food pantry, Alexandra has been busy sewing masks. “Her list for donated masks has officially hit over 1,000 with over 600 already distributed to essential workers, families, anyone that wants one,” said Alexandra’s mom.

Alexandra also has a platform called Alexandra’s Secret Smiles, where she hosts kindness challenges, surprises children with gifts, and encourages others to help the community.

“She wants to show other children that kids can change the world. It doesn’t matter how small you are, anyone can make a difference even if it is just smiling at someone.” said Castillo. “She sends everyone virtual hugs.”

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