New York City Launches Dramatic Transportation Project With 250 Miles of New Bike Lanes

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The Five Boroughs are shifting gears to make New York City a safer and cleaner place for its cyclists and pedestrians.

For several years now, the city has been promoting bicycle use by launching such initiatives as installing bike rental kiosks to promote a cheaper, cleaner and easier way to navigate the streets.

With more and more pedestrians cycling throughout the Big Apple, however, the number of automotive related accidents and injuries have increased.

Thankfully, the recently-approved ‘Streets Master Plan’ aims to rectify this by adding 250 new miles of bike lanes that will be physically separated from traffic to protect the cyclists.

Furthermore, the city will be developing more than 1 million square feet of pedestrian space and 150 new miles of separated bus lanes.

“The way we plan our streets has made no sense for far too long, and New Yorkers pay the price every day stuck on slow buses or as pedestrians and cyclists on dangerous streets,” said City Council Speaker Corey Johnson.

“We need faster buses, safer streets, and more pedestrian space. We need to do everything we can to encourage sustainable modes of transportation, especially with the realities of climate change growing more dire every day. This plan will get us there, and by doing so it will make New York City a much more livable and enjoyable place to call home.”

This is just the beginning of the bill’s impact on the city since “the legislation will require the Department of Transportation to implement a transportation master plan every five years.”

“Benchmarks will be developed for each five-year plan,” said the city council in a statement. “The plan’s goals would be to prioritize the safety of all street users, the use of mass transit, the reduction of vehicle emissions, and access for individuals with disabilities.”

With these new bike lanes coming to New York by 2021, the city will hopefully set a brand new precedent for encouraging eco-friendly transportation elsewhere in the country.

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