New Power Plant Turns Waste Into Energy—And Doubles As A Ski Slope And Climbing Wall

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Seriously! This is an amazing example of finding economically viable ways to tackle big issues like waste and energy. Is one of these in #backyardbend’s future?

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In a country where 600,000 skiers always had to travel to practice carving their turns, to be able to finally ski in their backyard—and, all year-round—is, as one skier said, “EXTRAORDINARY.”  Read the FULL ARTICLE and SEE VIDEO HERE. 

Visitors can relax in the restaurant and bar at the highest point of the building, or meander on the steep hiking and running trails. It even features the tallest climbing wall in the world— 270-feet (85 meters) high, designed with overhangs and ledges of white, like an icy mountain. (For certified climbers only at the top.)

The $660 million power plant will process up to 440,000 tons of waste each year using furnaces, turbines, and steam. The electricity it produces can heat 160,000 homes and provide electric power to another 60,000. And though these numbers are impressive, the 24-hour operation of the entire facility can reportedly be handled by just two engineers.

Professional skier Nikolaj Vang said, “I’ve been skiing for 35 years, and I was very surprised and pleased that the coating had the perfect friction. I had feared that one would either get too little or too much slip, but I think the coating is perfect for all levels.”

Meanwhile, the city is one step closer to it’s ambitious goal of becoming the world’s first carbon-neutral city by 2025. We think it might be all ‘downhill’ from here.

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