Mt. Hood Meadows aiming for a Thanksgiving weekend opening

Mt. Hood Meadows has announced a November 25th opening! Learn more here.

by KATU Staff

Ski and snowboard lovers are rejoicing today. Mt. Hood Meadows have announced that they plan to open on November 25.

Thanks to an early season storm, Meadows received 17 inches of snow, bringing their base to 23 inches.

The resort says they will supplement the base area by taking the snow from the parking lot and adding it on top of the snow that fell this week.

Officials say more snow fell on the middle part of Mt. Hood, while the upper mountain took the full force of last week’s storm.

Winds were sustained above hurricane-force winds and saw gusts above 115 mph.

Dave Tragethon with Mt. Hood Meadows says “We are on track for opening on November 25 if the temps remain cold and we can get some more natural snow. We’re hopeful that we could get a preview day or weekend in before Thanksgiving – and with another big storm we could open before Thanksgiving. We make that opening decision not only on the conditions or snowpack we have, but also based on the forecast and our ability to present and sustain a quality experience for our guests.”