Meet Featured Artist Tana West

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Our current featured artist is Tana West. She has an eye for capturing Oregon life and we are pleased to feature her photos. You can find a gallery of her images on the featured artist page. Below is her story of her passion for photography. You can find her on Instagram at @tana_west.

Hi, my name is Tana West I’m the mom to 3 amazing kids and 2 adorable grandkids with another on the way. I’ve lived and worked full time in Bend the past 19 years.  I started getting into photography as my youngest two kids became involved in competitive sports. My daughter, in traveling soccer and my son in motocross.

For soccer I would take pictures of all the kids and post them to a website I created for the team.  For motocross I posted all the pictures of the riders on Instagram.  Often after each game or race the kid’s would come up and ask…did you get a shot of me!

As the kids grew up and the sports stopped I used my free time to pursue new hobbies.  I began to travel visiting 12 countries in the past 5 years, some more than once. As well local adventures, I began hiking and taking landscape pictures.  First my adventures all included a waterfall, then it was just anything in the state I haven’t seen before.  I use the All Trails app a lot.

It really became a passion, I think once you’re behind the lens for a while everything starts to look different. I started pulling over on the side of the road because I loved how the morning light was hitting a fence, turning down a gravel road because I saw the light coming through the trees, and each hike became longer both in time and distance to see what else lay ahead and because I’m constantly stopping to take a picture.

I love shooting farms, old country roads, animals of all kinds and anything near water…beauty is everywhere and I just try to share my moments. I shoot with both my Nikon D5500, I like it because it’s super light to carry and I always have my phone on me and the iPhone 11pro max takes great shots.

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