Meet Featured Artist 'Andy Tullis'

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Meet our current featured artist Andy Tullis. Andy has been capturing the actions sports and the beauty of Oregon for most of his life. We are stoked to feature some of his winter photos. You can see the gallery of his images we feature on the ‘Featured Artist’ page. You can also visit him at

We asked Andy how he got into photography and why it’s special to him. His answers are below.

“When my dad gave me his Canon film camera to use when I started a Photography class at age 14, something happened. Instantly I fell in love with the mystery and occasional reward from going through the process of capturing moments which were special to me.

People’s reactions to my images also enlightened me and pushed me on to search for more. Decades later those feelings continue on inside me, and I continue to explore, capture, and share my world as I see it.

Searching for the illusive shot-of-the-day with my friends, and family keep me going strong. The further I travel, I love this realization of the never-ending possibilities that are waiting for all of us. Dream on… it’s out there, for everyone that wants some!”