Man With No Kids of His Own Pays Off Lunch Debts for Every Child in 9 Florida Schools

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When a man from Palm Beach County heard that more than 400 kids in his community couldn’t get a full lunch at school because they owed money, he knew he wanted to do something. See the VIDEO HERE.

“Food is something that you shouldn’t have to think about,” Andrew Levy told WPEC TV News.  So he gave the Jupiter Public School district a check for $944.34.

Levy’s single act of generosity soon created a chain reaction of kindness.

After his payment brought all the overdue accounts back to zero, the real estate agent posted about the issue on Facebook—and hundreds of people commented, asking if they could contribute next time.

Levy decided to start a quarterly fund to stay on top of any future debt so it never accumulates—and students can be on top of learning, without being hungry.

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