Made From 10 Tons Of Plastic & 30,000 Flip Flops, This Boat Will Sail Against Plastic Pollution

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Creating awareness of the problem of plastic trash in the world’s oceans seems like positive news. This article from the India Times about an African community who did something about it is inspiring and shows every action counts. See the full article HERE.

“On the Kenyan island of Lamu, a few hundred miles off the coast of Zanzibar, sits a colorful water vessel that looks more patchwork quilt than boat.

It’s not just an eccentric paint job though, it’s because the boat is actually made from recycled plastic and flip flops.

The Flipflopi as it’s called is a life-size sailing boat, approximately 30 feet long. More importantly, it’s constructed entirely from 10 tons of recycled plastics and around 30,000 flip flops. And on January 24, the boat will sail almost 500 km across the Indian Ocean from Lamu to Stone Town in Zanzibar.

It’s not just a gimmick or an eccentric billionaire project, this is actually an effort to raise awareness of the environmental damage single-use plastic can cause. Along the route of its first expedition, the boat will stop off at a few towns and cities, to teach locals how to recycle their own plastic.”

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